So I am posting my short story today. I wrote it last year and wanted to post it soon but procrastination is a bitch.

Check it out and please please please be honest with me.

I would love to have your feedback on it.

Help me improve the presentation skill with your tips if you may.(Should have I made a first cover page for it ?)

And also let me know – would you like the story to continue into a full length thriller novel?? I am not having any plot yet. It would be really interesting to expand the whole story. 😀

Arigato 🙂

Click the link below to read the pdf file :-


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P.S – If I have ever emailed you, you know who politesaint aka PS is 😉

The Upside of Irrationality

Finished this one on my flight back to Kolkata from Delhi.

The Upside of Irrationality

By Dan Ariely

Rating: 4.5/5

Dan Ariely is one of the best author who writes on behavioral economics in a smooth & understandable manner. When I first read his book – ‘Predictably Irrational’, it blew my mind. I was first time peeking into the world of irrationality of our lifes. Then came the books by N. Taleb & D. Kahneman. And now I always look for the irrational rules inherent in the day to day events. Specially in Indian scenario as I find it less explored & highly complex & varied.

The book is divided into two parts.
Part 1 puts light on the ways our behaviors defy rational logic at Work. Let me just put the names of the chapters : Paying More for Less; The Meaning of Labor; IKEA effect; Not-Invented-Here Bias; Case of Revenge. The first chapter deals with why Big bonuses are paid to the higher executives & how much does it affects their productivity.(It’s an illusion mostly). The second one shows what happens when you take away the meaning away from ones work. The IKEA effect is worth exploring. (won’t say much about it). The Not-invented-here bias peeks into our inner selfish attachments. Case against Revenge can help you take that revenge more effectively.

Part 2 deals with illogical actions we take at our home. The first two chapter deals with our capability to adapt to changes in our environment. Dan puts his own excruciating experience to explore this area. Next one is for the singles planning to get their soul-mates.(Check it out if you are single). After that it explores why we easily take money out for One person in need of help. Though reluctant in case when the no. increases. The chapter on Short-term emotions effecting our decisions is enlightening. It can really help in self-development steps.

I also have Ariely’s another book on the shelf – ‘The (Honest) truth about dishonest’. And after reading this one, I am impatient to pick it up. However, I won’t pick it up now.(Delayed Gratification & Changed Priorities – yeah I implement them into my life as well).

For books like this, I plead to people – please, please, please- read it. It’s a golden egg. It’s easily understandable. Anybody can take it up.

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 14

Ahh! today I was able to have some leisure time. Didn’t studied any course materials & watched ‘Coupling’ sit-com. It is hilarious but not much of a collectible. From tomorrow the study drill will begin again 🙂 They all are thick ones – would take heavy study time.

I added some more quotes in my pocket diary.

Ryan Holiday, ” Read to Lead -> push yourself to read books ‘above your level’ i.e. biographies over business books, classics over contemporary.”

That’s a great advice. If you like reading, start pushing yourself & if you don’t read, start pushing yourself to read. I am still at business books level, though, I have started with classics. Read to Lead  people Read to Lead. Also join his newsletter on books to read.

Rosa Luxemburg, ” Freedom is always & exclusively freedom, for the one who thinks differently.”

So are you free to think? Its a motto for the Free-thinkers. Marxists have unique ideas on freedom.

“Outlier is a solution: the norm is the problem”

Noted it from a newspaper article. That’s the key to the creative innovation & to the always evolving market. I completely agree to it. And when the case is about India, norms are the way & so are the problems.

Russian thinker Alexander Herzen asked, ” If progress is the end, for whom are we working ?… Do you truly wish to condemn all human beings alive today to the sad role of caryatids supporting a floor for others some day to dance on … or of wretched galley slaves, up to their knees in mud, dragging a barge filled with some mysterious treasure & with the humble words ” progress in the future inscribed on its bows?”.”

If you are a patriotic one, you may say we are working for the nation.
If you are an entrepreneur, you may say we are working to create work for others or we are working for the money.
Looking around, in my nation, I see people working for survival of their families & themselves. Not to support any floor for anyone but to only to support a roof over their heads.
Or simply you can say – I am working for myself. To support that floor myself & also dance on it.
We all know that the mysterious treasure presents the case of ‘multiple possibility theory’. We can never know for sure whom are we working for.

And if you’re working for the humanity – “Is progress the end??”

Mull over them if you like.

Arigato 🙂

I did…

I have lost all the momentum I gathered before my prelims exam. My three day rule has been broken several times.

I am not writing posts that I want to write. I am putting fillers instead. This one is not a filler though.

Yesterday, some idea struck me and restlessness followed. Unable to concentrate on the text-book in front of me, I impulsively decided to put down the idea into reality. I walked to the book-shop, bought a notepad & a pen. Put on my music list. Started working on it.

Thanks to Steven Pressfield ‘s blog post. I decided to Turn Pro. Even if it was for a day or till the idea has taken its primate form – I turned Pro. I incessantly put up to it & finally finished it by 3 in the night(that day only). The refreshing feel after finishing a project is so amazing, that I was not sleepy at all. 😀 The body was tired though, as soon as I laid on the bed – I dozed off. The best part was that I poured every idea & filled most of the gaps and still finished it in a day. Though it needs a lot of tweaking, the fact is I have got a prototype/first draft/model finished.

I don’t want to disclose it now. Because I am being superstitious – I have informed only a few persons about it. Actually, I think it has some hope to become a reality. May be this hope is false or only transitory in nature, but I think its time to Turn Pro & bring it to life.

I will soon (means after a month or two) will show it. There is lots to do on the study side, so can’t squeeze much time for it. I will start tweaking it in a week or something. It will be seen to its finish, nothing will be abandoned.

It went from ‘Lets Do it’ phase to ‘I did it’ phase. Now I want it to get to ‘It exists’ phase.

Arigato 🙂

#amwriting on paper

From the last incomplete work, I managed to change it a bit. It’s not perfect but still acceptable to me.I tried hard to make that cut-out paper pieces look more enmeshed with the background but didnt got it.Sigh.



I had other ideas about Christmas & New Year.But who will be writing on those days.They are to be with friends & family and celebrate like a Kid.So dumped them.

Ahh! tomorrow is the so called ‘End of the World’ – I used to be so enthusiastic about that.I really wanted it to happen then, though now its all different – I have matured out of that childish notion.

Still – ‘Happy False Doomsday of Humanity‘.(in advance – :D)


Just Working

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

It was raining heavily on the terrain, the visibility was less than 2 meters. Amir picked up his primitive glasses and pressed the left screen. It was connecting to the server and he has to wait there, hidden in the camouflage. The data was downloaded, now he can view the contours of the forestland ahead of him.Still it was not clear, the dense woods were obstructing the view.He then clicked the right screen of his eye-piece.Infrared visuals were started.Now Amir decided to come out of the hiding and move forward.

Highly exasperating , his heart pounding fast he paced to the left. Amir had to penetrate the enemy-lines and signal his team.He was moving in a zig-zag fashion to evade any snipe shots or laser beams.To his surprise, something came from behind and stunned him at his place. He tried to move his head but coudn’t. His pupils dilated to look for the coming entity towards him.He heard something pouncing the ground, moving towards him, roaring.He was waiting for the stun to wither down.He saw an incoming glowing light towards him, it was a big white polar bear – glittering in an armor with blue crystals.Amir regained his conscious and dodged the incoming threat.It was run for life now – he got on his legs and sprinted.Throwing down bombs on his way and expecting that the bear might get caught in it.*Boom* *Boom*

Amir heard the blasts and decided to go for the enemy lines.He again camouflaged and hid into the bushes for evading any pursuer.Suddenly he found himself chained by a yellow rope and getting pulled away from his hide-out. A warrior woman was pulling him towards her.He felt his body heating up. He knew he would melt away from inside if nothing was done.He jumped towards the woman and pulled a battery size switch from his belt.She was taken aback by this move and was pulling her glowing staff to hit him with.Too slow of her,Amir touched her hand and pushed the button.A red lightning shrouded both of them.The warrior shrieked and the rope was let loose.Not letting anytime waste, Amir pulled another switch which was attached to his back. He pulled the warrior towards him, planted a kiss on her lips and pushed the green button.Ten mile of the surrounding area was consumed by a flash.After the light dimmed, the whole area became an inferno and in the center lied the skeletal of both the warrior woman and Amir.

Fortrunner-364 opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the bright light coming from the window.He looked at his hand , his lips parted showing his white teeth.And his laughter broke the silence in the room.He was amused by what he has achieved – today he made it to the next hierarchy.Now he will get a raise and more perks.Now he can pay the loan early for his SFe-520 cruiser.Looking through his office hall he felt relieved, now he will get a cabin on the above floor.He will leave this floor, his colleagues. He was expecting that some-one might log-off from his work and he can share the good news.The happiness blooming inside him was making him impatient. He was repeatedly checking the back of his hand.

It was only 04:52 10/02/2090 [GTA +5.00] Wednesday.
Office hours will end at 5:00.

You have 8 more min.Please play and complete the working hours. [The message was flashing on his hand’s skin]

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda