Tipping on Codes


You know about my goals for this year (check here).

I am working on the coding this blog from scratch; hacking using resources on the web. And to make it clear – I am a computer science graduate. 😛

However, for the last 2 years I have been far far away from any programming language. I was busy pursuing other goals (tedious goals). I want to brush up my coding skills now. And it is getting annoying and exhausting for me. 😦

I am tipping on small small stuff. I am unable to write a good piece of code by myself. I am constantly asking the Google God about possible solutions. As I see it, I have not lost the basic concepts yet. Though, the language has taken new forms, so many new functionalities have been added. I am trumped by the amount of things you can do so easily now. I am still struggling even with improved functionality.

Now I understand how it must have felt when people used to come to ask about coding to me. I mean they were smart but still had problem figuring things out. *Sigh* I have a similar conditions now. And I do not even have anyone to ask about such little things, except googling. 😛

Further, about standards and professional looking site and code – I am still in amateur group. I am frequently trashing my designs and codes because they look shitty to me. It gets frustrating to end up with a bad output after hours of work. 😦

I am moving forward with half baked products now. I want to get to some end product – a good enough site. Then I will keep on iterating the process until I make it good enough. I wish to do it fast actually, like before the end of next month.

Well, do tell me if you have some good tip on writing a code. Actually tell me about some way to learn the new languages fast. Would really help ?



Why not grow a garden than a tree?

What do i want to do ?

I can’t understand the answer to this question.Its a trivial question for me.It’s not just one thing i want to do(career).Ok, for this question what answer you get in your head or do you even get any answer? For me i get these answers:

Graphic Designing; Civil Services ; Management ; Teaching ;( These are the major ones).

Everyone reasons like only one of those can be chosen.But i ask Why can’t i choose more than one.I don’t want to have a same & monotonous type of work for the whole life. I want to merge all them together- i want to be all of them – yes a jack of all trades- a Scholar.I have all my life for this(however short or long it may be). I am not saying i would be a scholar in 10years or 20years.I understand getting to that point will take time.There is a possibility that i might not even get close to it.Let it be the Acme for me.

Michelanglo ” The greatest danger of most of us is not that our aim is too high & we miss it, But that it is too low & we reach it”

Many of us want to draw a single line a strong line of career.But for me i want to spawn a web of career. All the different career aspect does intersect with each other.Woven together they create a mesh for me, to catch my desire & dreams into it.I know we can plant a sapling & make it grow into a tree.Whether it will be a fruit bearing one will depend on our actions only.But why can’t there be a garden of them.Some might bear fruits & some might not. Some will be there for shear pleasure of us and some for its sweet & sour fruits.I can see the tree, though i can also see the garden.If i ever build this garden it will be open for all to learn & apply it to there life.To inspire them to aspire higher than this.

My inexperience in life & irrationality of youth(though i don’t consider it as irrational) might let you say that it is only wishful thought.It can not be practical.It might seem to be my rambling or preaching.However i feel that one’s persistence & determination can be the only deterrent in making this garden a reality.I have promised myself to achieve this & one day i shall.