Pocket Diary -18

Back with the pocket diary. Well, I rarely write quotes in this diary now; as mostly I am reading books which goes into my book-diary plus I am reading amazing quotes on net in the form of typography and images. I broke the pocket diary series also. 😛 * sigh * it is hard to keep up with all these series. I need to stop making such promises to myself.

Now, the quotes:

M.Gandhi, ” You can not build non-violence on a factory of civilization, but it can built on self-contained villages.”

Gandhi has captivated me not only for his methods of non-violence and civil disobedience, but also for his ingenious way to create change. The above quotes shows it so perfectly – the cities or cradle of civilization get so mechanized that any type of change is hard to initiate effectively. Thanks to ‘Modern Marketing & Advertising’ it has become much easier to change consumer behaviour, but not character or nature. Non-violence being purely about change of character both inner and outer.

So, how about changing the culture in a society – about rape, about dowry, about corruption. Should we start from villages and build over it ?. Should we employ the consumer-attracting tactics to fuel the change? or Perhaps a combination of both or some new way?

From movie/novel ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ” We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Love is hard to get ( & hard to understand).  I am still brooding over love reading this line. Do one accept the love that he/she thinks they don’t deserve ? Do they accept love without any foolish notion about deserving it ? What happens when one don’t get the love which one thinks he/she deserves? What about when gets overwhelmed by the love one gets?

(I like to think about love in third person rather than first person. Not wise to reduce one’s value or expectation about love on such silly musings.)

“Only Time knows when something has to die”.(Myself)

Think about it – perhaps Yama is Time God or Lucifer is Time or Grim Reaper is time or simply death is Time. Only Time points to the moment when something died. And we obsess so much about time (or may be death).

Kurt Vonnegot, “Use the time of a stranger in such a way that he or she will not fell the time was wasted.”

I know you must have compared this one with the last one. Ok, let me put it this way  – Time is Life. When Life ends time ends. As Kurt Vonnegot says – I better use a life of a stranger so that it does not feels wasted.

I hope I did not waste your time/life/death with this post. 😛

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 13

I am working on some artworks for #amwriting series and other concepts. Already trashed two pieces half-way in – 3hr effort wasted. So , I will be posting something from the pocket diary. 🙂

Nehru speaking to the villagers who were to be displaced by Hirakund dam, 1948
“If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country”.

wait one more on Dams

Morarji Desai, public meeting of Pong Dam submergence area, 1961
” We will request you to move from your houses after the dam comes up. If you move it will be good. Otherwise we shall release the waters & drown you all”.

The next line of leaders had something else in mind in the matters of country,even their country’s concept got changed. Yeah first one is from congress & the other one is from a non-congress man.Although, they had the same answer for the tribals & the villagers. ” Get the hell out or drown ”
By the way – do you agree with them. Some part of me does agree to the logic but it assumes a noble & honest world.

Tom Schulman “Any writer who has the ability to take off from the real world as well as indulge in fantasy can create stories of mass interest”.

I was watching Dead Poet’s Society(again) when this line came. It was insightful – mass interest is an enigma to engage with & hope for the right response, it is puzzling in case of stories at least.

Napoleon “Trade space for time”.

Get it?
let me help you – “Space is recoverable, time is not”.
Still nothing?
You should use your time wisely instead of throwing it away collecting materials/objects/income…
Read it in one of the blog post. Sorry don’t have the link. 😛

Anupam Kher “Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets & makes night air smell better”.

Read it in one of his RTd tweet. It made sense to me as I appreciate my ‘alone’ time. The imagination is beautiful & subtle.

That will be all.

Arigato 🙂