Fear,Dip And Personal Wisdom

Procrastination & Forgetfulness  – the reasons due to which i was not able to post anything in my ‘Read’ section.SO, today i am going to include 3 books in a single post.These books i started when i was in Bangalore & completed reading when i came to Kolkata viz.Except the first one other two are short, so didn’t took much time.

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway – By Susan Jeffers.

DIP – By Seth Godin.

That is All I have to Say – By Swapan Seth.

Books read

The First one was introspective in nature for me & helped me in analyzing my own behavior &  understand better the psychology of fear.One may get the idea of how to control or transform the fear into a productive manifestation.But only 25% of the content was satisfying for me as there were many stories of people & steps to act on.Although the reason might be my previous knowledge of psychology(as i like reading it) which made most of the points redundant for me.The book was worth reading.

DIP- just like when you you throw a wooden plack in water and it goes down & comes up again.You can imagine the Dip there.This 1hr read can be easily summed into(as given in the book itself):

“All successes are the same All failure too.We succeed when we do something remarkable.We fail when we give up too soon.We succeed when we are the best in the world at what we do.We fail when we get distracted by tasks we don’t have the guts to quit.”

A little overpriced but still a good read.For me it was the same Karma Theory in a different angle.

The Last one is some personal wisdom of Swapan Seth. As Seth works in advertising, the look & feel of the book was Cool & Impactful. The content though, mmmm….., what can i say it was personal.So no comments on that.It may make you ponder over the events similar to his in one’s life.The book is a quicky, worth keeping on a showcase.:P