Dungeon Prompts : Inner Voice

Do you remember the last poem I posted. How  – ” Humans are Fish & they fly above the clouds “
That helped me to visualize my inner voice. 🙂
I was thinking about how my inner voice sounds. And I wan unable to hear anything. I could only see some fuzzy things.
Then It hit me – Instead of a Inner Voice I have an Inner Sight. Soul have many ways to talk to you. Showing glimpses can be one of them.


It is there, behind the foggy boundary, afar from my sight. 
Always looking at me, with those calm bright big eyes.
Trying to illuminate, asking me to look directly into his eyes.
Unable & scared to share the truth, I look around the sky.

With a painful & compassionate desire, it lets the breeze take the message from it.
Forming light & fluffy clouds, moving forward, piling together.
Slowly the big grey cloud takes form, and I wait ,looking up at them.
Waiting for the lightning to poke some holes & let the drops fall free.
As they rain, I try to look into each drop, hoping to get the message from afar.
I find some bits and pieces of the inner voice, while fail to catch many in sight.

The task to understand them then starts.
Confusion, Frustration, Anger follows hand in hand with Joy and Excitement
I feel bliss at times, falsely perceiving the big picture in my mind.
It is false sometimes, sometimes it is not.
All this time the Eye looks sympathetically onto me.

Trying to tell me, that fool, look down on the surface you stand.
It is not a solid opaque floor for dance.
It is the eternal ether containing all my message for you.
It is the surface where all my projections are stored.
Just let those drops drop on the floor.
And reflect upon the mirror, there lies realization of myself & yours.
If you don’t want to look directly to me then look into the projection.
Don’t be afraid my boy, be brave, like your heart is.
Truth may be painful but it is truth nevertheless.
Listen to me so we both can be free.

Arigato 🙂

P.S – This is part of Dungeon Prompt: Week 3 – Inner Voice. I thought of putting it in a story format but  I liked it in this form. Can anyone tell me what one calls to paras like that??
The picture was made by me.( fast work) One day I will refine it further.
Also, one of my friend made an analogy to this figure with MATRIX concept. Like the drops being only part of code & the big picture is stored in the image of the system itself. We had an amazing chat on that. 😀

Artsy Language

She moves her body in an ecstatic motion going round & round his perfectly still arched body. She falls down on the ground & moves her gaze around filled with grief.

You got what scene is being played. Try this one also.

The blood shot white eyes gazing steadily at you, making you look away from the dark shadow of her body carrying in her hand the grey carcass.

Ok how about,

Her hands went up & down waving furiously to the other dancers, who all were falling away from her at each new beat & at her hand movements. In the centre, he lies on floor without giving any response to any change in the music.

Hope you get the theme of the above scene if not totally then at least some part. Actually, I wanted to write this for more than a month now. This has been lying in my draft, so I recollected the thought which occurred to me that day.

I was travelling in Indian airlines & there was this one channel, showing classical dance. No-one was watching that, so I thought let’s see what it was. It was showing the contemporary dance styles of various prominent Indian classical dancers, from Bharatnatyam to kathakali (Sorry, don’t remember their names). I don’t know ABC of them but I watched from the point of an observer. I was able to understand what the basic idea the dancer was portraying – well, most of the time. What helped me was the capability to observe things. As I am interested in Design & Visual Graphics – the emotions & ideas has to be understood by observing the piece. I copied the meaning of colours & expressions used in Artworks to the dance presentation & expression of the dancers. The similarities in both the things were enough to understand it.

I realized these artworks are universal in their language. Though one can’t ignore the role played by geographical culture & traditions. But excluding that part – dances, paintings, drama,music– are just universal in their language.(Just realized I have already heard it in many speeches but I have never realized it until that moment in the plane. Now I understand what ‘maturity’ means when this sort of ‘realization’ keeps on happening to me. Like,coping up with losing in a game or failing in an exam. But this is different, it’s about some finer feelings or appreciating something not involving self.) From above three presentation first is from classical Kathakali dance, second is a painting & third one is from B-Boying. You can easily understand all three & see the similarity in the theme. The colours used in paintings can be played out on dance & drama stages with their vivid & colourful dresses, themed stage lighting & facial expressions. And if you get some visual keys when listening to any music track – you know which part of music can have the particular shade of colors. I can bet If you ever try listening to songs in some alien language, the music will still have the power to entice you. It’s not science that fusion music works so efficiently in connecting the different styles & different people. (See I earlier also said – future belongs to fusion)

The point of this post is that – If you have an interest in any creative field which doesn’t uses words – you are bound to understand the other art forms. Even if you are a keen observer – with little effort you will get the meaning of the art form. Though, all people do have some interest or have some tack for observation , if one feels not so – start observing – it doesn’t takes anything to do that.

I never listened to English songs but now I like listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin e.t.c. I will watch classical dance & listen to classical music to make out some meaning to it. I can watch foreign language movies not only from Hollywood or Uk but from Japan, Korea,Middle East, French e.t.c . To some it may look mad but it’s so much interesting to do so – Observation, Interest & Patience are the keys to do it. Try it.


P.S- sorry for lapse in formatting & no picture.