It is 6pm in the evening and let me tell you that I am trying since morning to write a post. Therefore, I stopped trying and just wrote it.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE. ๐Ÿ˜€

So should I make it a ‘rant‘ post or ‘looking back in the mirror‘ post or may be ‘resolutions & progress made‘ post.

As I am an engineer and the habit of rushing things on the last day has not yet left me. I thought about writing all the three posts. But, I think I will do good with this single one only. I will make it a long post.

20121115_142425 copy4


I was not writing anything for quite some time because I was travelling to meet my friends and did not have any access to my laptop. Second, I wanted to read, actually, rush some of easy reads before the year end.
Third, i got addicted to gaming again. I tried hard to leave it or control the hours I spend on it, but the geniuses who created those games have got me stuck with them.
And Finally, the greatest & most primal reason – the resistance of procrastination.
I kept scribbling & doodling in my notepad all this time. Some of which I really want to put on this blog and some of which are personal(private access only).
That will be enough of rant and now I can move ahead.



DARSHAN‘ / Looking back in 2013

One of the symbolic meaning of mirror is about ‘darshan‘ i.e. reflecting back. So, as the year is ending i would like to reflect back into 2013 and leave everything where they belong – in the past.

This year was awesome and amazing. To be honest it was wonderful on a personal & inner level. It was awesome on social & friend level. It was never like this.(Well each year is unique in itself)

I found myself opening up to more people. I made new and great friends on both virtual & physical world. I also found a unique and special friend. I still am single though, no luck on the love lane. ๐Ÿ˜› If you have ever met me earlier and would have met me this year – you would have seen the difference. (If I don’t like you or you are one of my buddies – you would not find me any different )

I had lots of time for soul searching this year.(staying around 8 months in a single room away from disturbance – me and I alone – it is bound to happen).
It was revealing and beautiful. Sometimes painful and dreadful too. The main point is I kept on growing out of them. Growth of the inner and outer self.
Though, being a self-critic and a realist , I still tend to water down all the progress I made. I find my demons still lurking around. I tend to have conversation with them now instead of fearing them.



I searched for my last year resolution or to-do list but couldn’t find it. Let me recall from my memory then.

BloggingCheck (= kept on blogging.

Drawing & GraphicsCheck (= doodled a lot and made some nice graphics also. [ NOTE – More & Better are the words for 2014]

Diary/LogCheck (= It is one of the best thing I started doing this year.

SpanishFail )= forgot what little I learned. Sliding it to next year.

ReadingCheck (= Challenged myself to read 50 books and ended up reading 72.

ExaminationCheck (= cleared UPSC prelims & gave mains. Waiting for the results now. It will decide my future course of action.

Writing a bookCheck (= Hell Yeah!! I wrote it. Working on correcting & editing it, then next step will be to get it published.

CodingFail )= Completely forgotten all the programming languages. Tried practicing it around mid year but left it in mid way.

WebsiteFail )= The coding part is connected to this one.

Exercise/ lose weight – Neutral. I will not say failed. The progress was like a sine-wave – filled with ups & downs. I remained at the same point.

I am like this only. Trying to spread myself thin by going into so many directions. But I have found the trick now – I don’t take everything all at once. I choose 2-3 points only and work on them incessantly till i exhausted. This method needs a lot of improvement, it is liable to minor disturbances also – specially to ‘mood swings’ & ‘friends & family’.

metoooeoeoe copy

TO-DOs 2014

While writing the above part, I have decided I will sleep on it a bit more. I will post it in new year only. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

It is evening people – time to party & enjoy. Make merry the end of 2013. Stop reading this and I am finished writing this – move outside or move near your loved ones.

Welcome the new year.

Happy Endings to 2013.

Arigato ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Pocket Diary – 14

Ahh! today I was able to have some leisure time. Didn’t studied any course materials & watched ‘Coupling’ sit-com. It is hilarious but not much of a collectible. From tomorrow the study drill will begin again ๐Ÿ™‚ They all are thick ones – would take heavy study time.

I added some more quotes in my pocket diary.

Ryan Holiday, ” Read to Lead -> push yourself to read books ‘above your level’ i.e. biographies over business books, classics over contemporary.”

That’s a great advice. If you like reading, start pushing yourself & if you don’t read, start pushing yourself to read. I am still at business books level, though, I have started with classics. Read to Lead ย people Read to Lead. Also join his newsletter on books to read.

Rosa Luxemburg, ” Freedom is always & exclusively freedom, for the one who thinks differently.”

So are you free to think? Its a motto for the Free-thinkers. Marxists have unique ideas on freedom.

“Outlier is a solution: the norm is the problem”

Noted it from a newspaper article. That’s the key to the creative innovation & to the always evolving market. I completely agree to it. And when the case is about India, norms are the way & so are the problems.

Russian thinker Alexander Herzen asked, ” If progress is the end, for whom are we working ?… Do you truly wish to condemn all human beings alive today to the sad role of caryatids supporting a floor for others some day to dance on … or of wretched galley slaves, up to their knees in mud, dragging a barge filled with some mysterious treasure & with the humble words ” progress in the future inscribed on its bows?”.”

If you are a patriotic one, you may say we are working for the nation.
If you are an entrepreneur, you may say we are working to create work for others or we are working for the money.
Looking around, in my nation, I see people working for survival of their families & themselves. Not to support any floor for anyone but to only to support a roof over their heads.
Or simply you can say – I am working for myself. To support that floor myself & also dance on it.
We all know that the mysterious treasure presents the case of ‘multiple possibility theory’. We can never know for sure whom are we working for.

And if you’re working for the humanity – “Is progress the end??”

Mull over them if you like.

Arigato ๐Ÿ™‚