Prompt: Bleeding-dream

You said it today,
With your sweet voice and tight hug.
Beaming with joy and your pride.
With a gleeful expression
I stood there in wonder.
Feeling blessed and content.

Is it real or another of those dreams?
My stupid mind doubted.
This had happened many times,
in those silent nights
in those beautiful dreams.

I touched my chest,
I looked for the string,
the thin golden thread
which always connected us
in our dream.

I was afraid and sad now,
the string vanishes into dust
whenever you move away.
Would you turn around and move on now?
Anxious I was.

Your eyes pierced into mine
You nodded, assured me.
It is happening dear.
It is not our dream,
This is for real, she whispered.

Written for a lovely prompt : When my dreams bleed into reality. 

Arigato 🙂

[ My attempts at poetry are like a little boy’s attempt of weaving together words with affections and dreams. :P]

Black & White

I was not able to put any post, but this poem on inspired me for a quick short prose. Well, I just went with the flow.

Check the actual poem first – here.

And also check the comments, i found the poem by Bastet great. 🙂

Now, for what I posted there in the comments :

 Black and White
With light & no light.
Bounded away the rainbow from sight
Highlighting the dams of life.
Waiting for the breaking of lines
red, yellow, blue, green…
…colors of the rainbow,
await inside the contrasts
of Black & White.

Arigato 🙂

Stone in the Sky

You rise & fall with the distance
You change your tide in its presence
Don’t twist & turn at its sight
You have a heart like a crystal blue
You are the Ocean of this world
Don’t be so restless & don’t cry
It is only a stone in the sky

It gives you the company in the dark nights
But it waxes & wanes in plain sight
The white light is cool & dry
As always you have liked
You think it is your heart
You want to dance at its beats
Don’t be at its mercy because
It is only a stone in the sky

Look at your horizons at the rising star
It is the sun who gives you light
In its blazing core the fire lives
Like your soul it eternally shines
Feel its warmth & share its might
Only it can give the strength to walk the night
It is the provider of your moons’ luminous bright
After all, Moon is only a stone in the sky

Arigato. 🙂

Air & Water

Like a Breeze She is
Never to be contained, Never content
Toiling to move mountains
Easily she shifts the sand hills
Enraged she uproots forests
Sweet fragrances she baths in
World around she dances free
To dizzying heights she climbs
Heaven she must have seen
Like a Breeze She is.

Mesmerized He is
By her dance, her smell, her freshness
her rage and by her sweet pride
Longing for her caring touch
Scared of her stormy fights
He cannot reach her 

Because like a River he flows
Bounded by the earthly rows
Changing his path,making his way
Transforming the dirt
Till the ocean consumes him away
To depths he dives,to nether lands perhaps
Still he has no Hell to find
A kiss he desires at times
She only gives a hug sublime
Because like a River he flows
And like a Breeze She is

Arigato 🙂

Wandering Monk

A Wandering Monk I am
O Queen I met you so
I gave a part of my soul
Since you let me on your porch
Today your heart, you offer
I ask for none, Sorry to be
Banish me, you may, if you want
After all you are the Queen of us lot
I cant brandish like others do
You are a Queen, So you are a Queen
It is already done, nothing can I do
Into the Wild, I have to travel now
Don’t ask me to care for your heart
Part of me stays along
Give to it,what you offer me
Let the parts become a whole
The painful emptiness there will be
let it remain, in my memory
For now, I have to leave
A wandering monk I am.

Arigato 🙂

Dream Good, Evil or your way.

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Lay down your shield, keep the sword away
The bed is comfy, so is the sofa
Yawn wide, before your lazy recess
Close your lids, calm your heart
Dissolve into your world of wonder
Look at the galaxy, the stars, the moon…
…the waving road, the brave battle…
…the passion, the lust, the power, the gloom
Don’t go back so soon
Stay a bit longer with me
In this dreaminess tranquility.
Don’t you find it pretty?

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Don’t lower your guard, pull up your sword
The battle is still going, so you are
Open your eyes to your dreams
Play them again & again, it is your requiem
Grab the flag, fight your fears
Find your way, so i am here
…cry, laugh, smile, shout…
…frown, glare, be proud or gay
It is time to stay alive and awake
bridge the gap between tomorrow, today

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Only I hear these two lines so clear
There are whispers also that I bear
Can’t say which I do listen
Is it an Angel or a Devil in the day
Perhaps it is not a quarrel
Good on one, Evil on other 
Rather it is my Soul’s bay 
The only voice which is near
Is to Dream, Dream my way.

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Each day I lay around in bed doing nothing with closed eyes. It looks like a wasted day. I want to be awake & do my studies, along side my other activities. I think it is Evil to waste my time like this. I have to stay awake & keep on moving – letting the angel watch over me. However, the restlessness which stays inside me – hints me that may be it is what my body needs right now. It is never a waste to refresh & re-energize with a good lazy sleep.

This post was part of Dungeon Prompts, by Sreejit Poole. The prompt was:  Good, Evil and the Rules that You Live By.
hope you like it. & get it.

Arigato 🙂