Pocket Diary -18

Back with the pocket diary. Well, I rarely write quotes in this diary now; as mostly I am reading books which goes into my book-diary plus I am reading amazing quotes on net in the form of typography and images. I broke the pocket diary series also. 😛 * sigh * it is hard to keep up with all these series. I need to stop making such promises to myself.

Now, the quotes:

M.Gandhi, ” You can not build non-violence on a factory of civilization, but it can built on self-contained villages.”

Gandhi has captivated me not only for his methods of non-violence and civil disobedience, but also for his ingenious way to create change. The above quotes shows it so perfectly – the cities or cradle of civilization get so mechanized that any type of change is hard to initiate effectively. Thanks to ‘Modern Marketing & Advertising’ it has become much easier to change consumer behaviour, but not character or nature. Non-violence being purely about change of character both inner and outer.

So, how about changing the culture in a society – about rape, about dowry, about corruption. Should we start from villages and build over it ?. Should we employ the consumer-attracting tactics to fuel the change? or Perhaps a combination of both or some new way?

From movie/novel ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ” We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Love is hard to get ( & hard to understand).  I am still brooding over love reading this line. Do one accept the love that he/she thinks they don’t deserve ? Do they accept love without any foolish notion about deserving it ? What happens when one don’t get the love which one thinks he/she deserves? What about when gets overwhelmed by the love one gets?

(I like to think about love in third person rather than first person. Not wise to reduce one’s value or expectation about love on such silly musings.)

“Only Time knows when something has to die”.(Myself)

Think about it – perhaps Yama is Time God or Lucifer is Time or Grim Reaper is time or simply death is Time. Only Time points to the moment when something died. And we obsess so much about time (or may be death).

Kurt Vonnegot, “Use the time of a stranger in such a way that he or she will not fell the time was wasted.”

I know you must have compared this one with the last one. Ok, let me put it this way  – Time is Life. When Life ends time ends. As Kurt Vonnegot says – I better use a life of a stranger so that it does not feels wasted.

I hope I did not waste your time/life/death with this post. 😛

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 17

I missed the post on 30th. Time is flying by for me. A week passes & I feel nothing happened in that week. It is over like a dream. And sometimes It is like living 2-3 days in a single day. 😛
This post is not a rant one – its from pocket diary. So…

From the movie ‘Secret in their Eyes’, ” Justice is nothing but an Island. This is the real World.”

The word ‘justice’ has been delimited by the semantics of the current time,place & people. It is the written laws which define what justice means. The World has its own meaning of ‘Justice’. Its means the moral human actions which leaves one with clear conscious. Its the ‘Dharma’ as a human being not as a citizen of a bounded region.

” While philosophy is struggling for human emancipation, economics( or political economy) has been working out a new formula of ‘Corporate Cannibalism’.

Read it in a book about Ethics. It was revealing to find how the approach to economical theory & philosophical theory differs from each other. And how in today’s world – the economical theory is considered as a philosophical truth to reconcile with. It is like a machine showing probability of occurring an event & people start considering it as a prophecy. The machine becomes an oracle or a God of a sort.

From the novel ‘Pavid Pavillion’,” Confusion is the first mile in the cross-country race to serenity.”

So who wants to reach the serenity? It is a fact that I believe in. You have to swim through the fog to reach the shores(specially when the shores are unknown).

Franklin Knight Lane,” A public office is not a job, it is an opportunity to do something for the public.”

You know when you find people condemning the public services & office, I would like this question to them. Consider that you have been given all the powers of an IAS officer & as I assume that you won’t be doing any of those things you are condemning them for – so what will you do with all that power & authority? Tell me that and if I ever become one I will try to do that.

I would like to have your thoughts on them. 😀

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 16

Wow, last one was in July. I should make it a periodical post. Perhaps, twice in a month – on 15th & 30th.

Peter Ustinov,” I believe in Doubt and mistrust Conviction ;
I believe in Liberalism and detest Oppression ;
I believe in the Individual and deny the existence of the so called Masses ;
I believe in Abstract Love of country and deplore patriotism ;
I believe in Moral courage and suspect Physical courage for its own sake ;
I believe in the human Conscience and deny the right of Fanatics or of those with self created halos to impinge on its necessary privacy.”

and this one also,

” The mysticism of mortals is an attempt to colonize obscurity for the purpose of religious oppression, while a twinge of conscience is a glimpse of God.”

I just read these lines and felt instantaneously connected to his thoughts. The abstract love for my country defines more of my patriotic fervor than the generally perceived notion of patriotism. I completely concur to his beliefs. How about you?

B. R. Ambedkar,” If the constitution of India gets derailed, the reason will not be that we had a bad constitution. What we will have to say is that man was vile.”

Man has become Vile. Constitution is derailing. Tell me if you need proof for that & I will throw at you CDs filled with our parliamentary debates & administrative decisions.( Yeah! CDs will hurt you)

B.R. Ambedkar,” Polarization based on prejudice masquerading as opinion and Opinion masquerading as Arguments.”

Well, you just need to suck a little of our Mass Media news and you will never know whether it was an Argument, Opinion or plain Prejudice. If you can’t notice that in daily “Breaking” news broadcasts, I ask you to go through the debates on Rape, Women & BPL (to select a few).
And people the debate on this party candidate vs that party candidate is not news – its a Indian Premier Show. (its a SHOW not NEWS)

Any views on them? You can put them in comments 🙂

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary -15

I was writing something, so mind is still active. I will write this fast post from my pocket diary.Today it’s on India & writing.

Tagore, ” The problem is not how to wipe out the difference but how to unite with the differences intact.”

I rarely find people, with exception of Bongalis’,who defend or like the Tagore’s thoughts on development. I connect more to Tagore & Gandhi on their ideologies on development of lowest strata of India. I don’t accept everything on their face rather judge them with skepticism.  And as Tagore said – the problem is to unite with difference intact. Do you know, Tagore & Gandhi’s ideas were different from each-other & they used to differ on most of the issues. However, this quote is related to the ‘unity in diversity’ characteristic of Indian Union. Also, this is what in contemporary management they are calling as win-win dealings (I can see similar patterns).

Gandhi,” A society that has no vision for the education of children & youth & is not prepared for the same, is doomed to die.”

The organic growth & development of society is one of the most peculiar part of Gandhian ideology. And I am interested in the organic growth of similar nature alongside with the new technology & innovations, we are discovering day-after-day. Acc. to me, Education is the core of the whole system. If you can develop a culture, an ecosystem of learning which keeps on changing & evolving with time & includes everyone – changing the society will be little easier. I know it’s easy to say that but hard to do. But you know what, I have got a life ahead of me,with my cognitive faculties working fine I will try to create such education core.(even if in a small village or town)

R. B. Austin,” I write because I have no other choice.”

Somebody(sorry I forgot your name & too lazy to check 😦 ) replied with this quote when I asked for ‘Why do you write?’ in one of my earlier posts. It was for the #amwriting series.
With so many people not involved in writing anything – they have many other choices.Even I have, but I choose to write. 🙂

Steven Pressfield, ” As writers, we’re always searching for Real.
Real, we believe, is powerful. Real is authentic. Real is true.
In fact, Real is boring. Real is tedious. Real is hell.
What we want is the simulacrum of Real.
The illusion of Real. We want artificially real.”

Steven Pressfield is like Seth Godin for me, in field of writing. His suggestion speaks to me. My interests are of contradictory nature. On one side, I want to read more and more of ‘reality’ and on the other side, I want to imagine the ‘unreal-creative-islands’. The quote itself creates opposing forces in my mind regarding writing anything. How about you?

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 14

Ahh! today I was able to have some leisure time. Didn’t studied any course materials & watched ‘Coupling’ sit-com. It is hilarious but not much of a collectible. From tomorrow the study drill will begin again 🙂 They all are thick ones – would take heavy study time.

I added some more quotes in my pocket diary.

Ryan Holiday, ” Read to Lead -> push yourself to read books ‘above your level’ i.e. biographies over business books, classics over contemporary.”

That’s a great advice. If you like reading, start pushing yourself & if you don’t read, start pushing yourself to read. I am still at business books level, though, I have started with classics. Read to Lead  people Read to Lead. Also join his newsletter on books to read.

Rosa Luxemburg, ” Freedom is always & exclusively freedom, for the one who thinks differently.”

So are you free to think? Its a motto for the Free-thinkers. Marxists have unique ideas on freedom.

“Outlier is a solution: the norm is the problem”

Noted it from a newspaper article. That’s the key to the creative innovation & to the always evolving market. I completely agree to it. And when the case is about India, norms are the way & so are the problems.

Russian thinker Alexander Herzen asked, ” If progress is the end, for whom are we working ?… Do you truly wish to condemn all human beings alive today to the sad role of caryatids supporting a floor for others some day to dance on … or of wretched galley slaves, up to their knees in mud, dragging a barge filled with some mysterious treasure & with the humble words ” progress in the future inscribed on its bows?”.”

If you are a patriotic one, you may say we are working for the nation.
If you are an entrepreneur, you may say we are working to create work for others or we are working for the money.
Looking around, in my nation, I see people working for survival of their families & themselves. Not to support any floor for anyone but to only to support a roof over their heads.
Or simply you can say – I am working for myself. To support that floor myself & also dance on it.
We all know that the mysterious treasure presents the case of ‘multiple possibility theory’. We can never know for sure whom are we working for.

And if you’re working for the humanity – “Is progress the end??”

Mull over them if you like.

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 13

I am working on some artworks for #amwriting series and other concepts. Already trashed two pieces half-way in – 3hr effort wasted. So , I will be posting something from the pocket diary. 🙂

Nehru speaking to the villagers who were to be displaced by Hirakund dam, 1948
“If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country”.

wait one more on Dams

Morarji Desai, public meeting of Pong Dam submergence area, 1961
” We will request you to move from your houses after the dam comes up. If you move it will be good. Otherwise we shall release the waters & drown you all”.

The next line of leaders had something else in mind in the matters of country,even their country’s concept got changed. Yeah first one is from congress & the other one is from a non-congress man.Although, they had the same answer for the tribals & the villagers. ” Get the hell out or drown ”
By the way – do you agree with them. Some part of me does agree to the logic but it assumes a noble & honest world.

Tom Schulman “Any writer who has the ability to take off from the real world as well as indulge in fantasy can create stories of mass interest”.

I was watching Dead Poet’s Society(again) when this line came. It was insightful – mass interest is an enigma to engage with & hope for the right response, it is puzzling in case of stories at least.

Napoleon “Trade space for time”.

Get it?
let me help you – “Space is recoverable, time is not”.
Still nothing?
You should use your time wisely instead of throwing it away collecting materials/objects/income…
Read it in one of the blog post. Sorry don’t have the link. 😛

Anupam Kher “Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets & makes night air smell better”.

Read it in one of his RTd tweet. It made sense to me as I appreciate my ‘alone’ time. The imagination is beautiful & subtle.

That will be all.

Arigato 🙂

Pocket Diary – 12

I don’t have any thoughts to reflect over today. So, I am putting out few of my additions to the Pocket Diary. Actually, I have many drafts but I am unable to expand over those ideas. It will take time to think over them & put them into words.I will wait for them.

Devdutt Pattnaik “Be careful of ‘stories’ they can easily be used to delude and manipulate, and be passed of as ‘motivation’. There is no truth out there, only stories well told”.

Stories…Stories…& more Stories. That’s all what is being feeded to us now through various media sources.Yeah I take them as stories – Faith put on a story may become your belief. Even principle seems like stories at the start but once beefed up with scientific facts & logic – it changes to a rule. In India, stories are vital part of our daily lives.
And I hope you know about Devdutt Pattnaik. I like his point of view & how he explains the Indian mind-space through mythology. Pick up his work if you like. He is a contemporary, so interpreting his work will be easy.

I.K Gujral “The bureaucracy is the backbone of the govt. & it should be kept happy”.

Everyone will agree that ‘Bureaucracy‘ comprises the backbone of the govt. However, about the ‘keeping happy’ part – instead of govt. supporting them they themselves took the responsibility.Even private players contributed in keeping them happy through the clandestine means. Well, the present condition of country & the bureaucracy is open for all to comment on.

Bertrand Russell “A good world needs knowledge, kindliness & courage; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant man”.

Russell is not any ignorant man, but whose quote has survived the wheel of time if not the non-ignorant ones. I don’t believe that any statement based on ignorance stands the beating of time.The ignorant comments are generally the prejudices which the individuals have been carrying all through the generations. They are hard to drop away from the society so they persist. The world never stays good – freedom of intellect comes only to few with genuine thoughts.

“Rosy-eyed nostalgia should be no reason to forget that we are living in arguably the most advanced & civilized age in the history of the human race, in no small part due to the ‘materialistic’ work of thousands of scientists & engineers”.

Thank You all the scientists & engineers of our country, for whatever you have contributed. It did had major impact on our lives.And this statement is also for all the skeptical ones. ‘Criticism’ may be easiest to do but ‘Acknowledgement’ is what you sometime have to do.
Adding to it, Acknowledging only the success & excellence  is not what I am asking. I also ask the scientific community to acknowledge their laxity, their lack of zeal, their acts of plagiarism, their weakness. It’s both ways after all.

This much will be enough for today I think. These quotes helps me launch into the orbit of some focused thought. The old texts of wisdom have eluded me for most of the life & I am rediscovering there gems. And reflecting on these fragments of wisdom provide me the nourishing intellectual juices.Do tell me if they also move your gray-matter.