Pavid Pavillion

This is the last one of the novel, which I took from my fathers’ bookshelf. I finished reading it on 5th only, but didn’t got much time to write the review here. It will be a really short review.

Pavid Pavillion

By Sidney Sheldon

Rating: 1/5

This will be a short review because there is nothing much to comment on. This one was one of the early work of Sidney Sheldon. Even, it’s ISBN has been reassigned to some other work of his. It can show you how Sidney Sheldon moved from meaningless & gibberish stories to the master- plots of his thrillers. This has been a disappointment , as I expected to find suspense or thriller. Well, I was bemused by the plot though.

2013-08-05 18.07.25ggg

This book has portrayed the sexual scandals of the high society of Hollywood. Well, not of a society but of some well connected characters. The connection is their sexual encounters & its a messy mesh. Every character seems to be copulated with some other character. All the feelings of envy,jealousy,anger, love,passion – I mean almost every type of human emotion without its depth has been presented via the characters. Each chapter has some form of sexual encounter placed as per the story-line.
I can’t pinpoint the protagonist of the novel. It looked like bunch of bunnies having sex in a glamorous world. And the scenes are not explicit like the mommy porn – ’50 Shades of Grey’. They will give the idea what’s been done.
The whole point of the book was like creating a bunch of characters – with each having some motive embedded with high sex drives.(too high sex drives) . In the end the author just kills them one by one. Letting them die into the nothingness where they originated from.
Yeah, that’s all.

The book cover was totally apt for this one. The main women who survive are blondes with blue eyes. But I still don’t understand why each book of Sidney Sheldon has a girl/woman pic on its cover.
This was a waste of time. Glad! I finished fast.

I won’t recommend it. I think, its not even in print now. For the best of you, You won’t find it in any book stores. 😛


P.S – My frequency of blogging will decrease from now on. As I have to study for the mains exam & I am in flow now-a-days. 😀

The Body of David Hayes

Thrillers are fast to finish. I wanted to let my nerves relax a little before taking a serious text-book. Yeah! thrillers relaxes my nerves. 😛

The Body of David Hayes

By Ridley Pearson

Rating: 3/5

This is the first book that I have read by Ridley Pearson. Didn’t had any pre-conceived notions about him. After reading the novel, I think he is in between  bronze & silver for me. One can’t judge by reading a single work.
Its getting hard to review thrillers for me, the way I want to review it spoils the plot. I need some lateral thought on writing better reviews of fictions. :/

The starting chapters looks like knotted tangled thread. It takes time to settle with all the details & characters pushed so early. The story starts with a crime scene, turning out to be a dig in the past. One of a convicted suspect,David Hayes, in a seven year old case comes out on payroll and all the other people involved earlier start surfacing up in the plot. The main protagonist ,Lou Boldt, starts investigating the case. He has a personal motive as his wife was having affairs with the Hayes before he got convicted. The case was about a big-time embezzlement from an account which was never traced. The Russian Mafiosi gets involved , pushing to get their money back. David makes contact with Liz Boldt again & she also gets involved in the whole set-up. Police try to catch David into traps involving Liz at stake. Lou, trying to save his marriage, goes on his own & his close friends to save her. The climax is as expected, with Boldts’ sitting together with their family.
And there is no ‘Body’ of ‘David Hayes’ – playing any role as such.

I felt the story-telling pretty average. There seldom rose any situations which will give you any adrenaline rush. The only exciting part comes in the last-third part of the book. The narrative is slow, intermingled with family issues & past deeds. It was like watching a 90s detective thriller, blase for my taste. The detailing of environments seems uncalled for as they are seldom utilized anywhere. They were there only to provide a visual picture to the readers. The language used was good for the thrillers.

It was more filled with suspense of how the game will play out. There was nothing hiding behind the curtains. Any thrill was rarely present, even it was not pacing enough. After reading Sidney Sheldon just before this one – it doesn’t fare well in comparison.

Pick it up if you like to spend some time leisurely in some lazy suspense.

Arigato. 🙂

P.S – a Deja Vu moment after I published this post.

It’s 6th…

It is 6th Jan 2013…I know you know that.
I just wanted to write a post.It has been some time since I wrote anything excluding the book reviews.

So what should I write about!!
There has been so many events happening around in India & not happening also.Today, Indian Team is losing the last one day match of the tri-series to Pakistan but sports is not my cup of tea.Happy Watching though…may the gladiators entertain you & make your cathartic release plausible.
Already so much has been said & written about the Rapes & the decaying Indian public system.I would also refrain from adding to it.I am already influenced by many articles & speeches- so I will only be reiterating them.

I won’t write about any recent public events as just thinking about them sends me into a sullen dark environment.And I will leave it half-way & get frustrated by them.(Moreover, only few subjects are spread all over the news-cape nowadays- nothing much to comment about.I mean nothing that I would like to)

I will be ranting about what ever comes in my mind.

Falling Up


This image is some concept-art I was thinking of – saying “Falling Up”. Too many of people have fell down.How about Falling Up.

My New Year was spent at Hyderabad with my mother & brother.Nothing sort of celebration, its more of a family time.No party or such – only family.I returned back to kolkata yesterday only.I played LoL alot there – actually my whole days were spent that playing it – *pathetic*.No No.I also finished 1Q84(it review). I also started reading Shashi Tharoor’s – The Great Indian Novel.It was so repulsive for me to continue reading it that I dumped it in between.Too bad for a novel – I thought I was reading the great Mahabharat Epic(hands down) but then it was mixed with Indian Freedom Movement( I hate history but respect the efforts of the great men of India).In my opinion, mixing those two sacramental events is a crime. Though, Shashi Ji is a Congress-man so  I presumed it would be a colored perspective.Stopped reading it.*thumbs down*

In few days, I will be leaving for Delhi(if my wait-listed ticket gets confirmed).UPSC exam preparation has started again.So all my virtual activities will be coming to a low – like weekly or fortnightly.Well, we will see to it later when I get there.I have got 2-3 books & 5-6 magazines which I have to complete within this month period.*studies…studies…more studies*(a students hell)

Ahh! 16 drafts – I am going through these draft posts but can not recall the complete idea.The thoughts have vanished or have huge holes in it.Hmm…I will give them time to transform into something new or complete themselves.But I will complete them.*promise to myself*.

#amwriting series – I didn’t wanted to leave it in between.It was moving good & I did made 6-7 of them.From a blog community, I have around 8-9 more ideas about the series.But I don’t have enough time to finish them or even conceptualize them into an Image.However, I am not leaving it so easily.I am  going to continue it even if it takes months.I am going to continue it.If you have given me your perspective on ” What Writing is to you?” – don’t worry I will make them – I will.*promise to you*

I will get some drawing note book in Delhi this time & practice my drawing skills.I have to polish it – after all its part of my dream.(We’ll see when I get there).And I have to get fluent in Spanish, procrastination is the reason for that.I open that page & start wasting my time.

Thinking of changing the theme of this blog.I will browse through them.Not much satisfied with the present one..:/

I have to write more often & think also…my minds keeping dull for a while.
Hello! my muse where are you.Come here I want to have some conversation with you.Feeling bored.(or just procrastinating)

Feeling too sleepy after a heavy meal.This much ranting is enough for now.Also, nothing else is coming to me now.Winters are so dull – View outside my window is ghastly – going to doze off.



by George Orwell

Rating: 4.8/5

It’s a classic and I regret that I didn’t read it at the earliest.There has been too many reviews on this and it has seen the multiple opinions put forth for and against it.So I would just suggest go to the Wikipedia page or just Google it. I would only be posting my opinions about this book – a personal opinion.

It was amazing to read it.As the story started I realized the period of history he was involved in. It was logical – how he got his whole plot & context from. I got into reading books because of some conspiracy theory compilation I read. It was not surprising at all that how the contemporary conspiracy of ‘Big Brother’ was present at that time also. This point was even put forth in the novel itself. The characters were just gripping with the level of detail he created his plot.I was always in a hurry to complete the plot. The story-line was not new though, many sci-fi movies were made on similar plots. But the most interesting  part was that there was no happy ending. This was the part which stumped me, the protagonist gets caught and he goes through all the pain & suffering.There was no happy ending or even any twist.It was plain and simple – just like classic has to be.

I would suggest that please do read it. It is only around 100 pages and paces forward and keeps you at your toes.I won’t say much more – just read it.It’s a splendid work of fiction.


One crazy project

UPDATE: – Since this post was getting some traffic. I thought of updating about it. The Crazy Project was a failure & still a success. I was able to write it.However, the crowd-sourcing part failed miserably.And as it was a total bullshit story, I have shelved it. You can still read on this post. 🙂

In one of my earlier post, I said about one crazy project. I already started it.Its called – “It’s a BC type Love story

From the start of this year, I was always telling people that this year I will surely write a book. I had two three ideas in my mind and decided that I would do a ‘love story’ type.For the other ideas I wanted to have some experience in writing and that they have some decent level of writing.


About the craziness of this project, I decided to write it by crowd sourcing or crowd authoring.That means anyone who is eager to write or even contribute in any way can do so, without any unnecessary conditions.The basic goal is to complete the first draft of around 100-150 page by November end.
Up-till now, I have written around 10 pages.My experience is limited, so why not collaborate on the flow of the story. In Dec, I would edit & review it and also add some graphics to it.Also names of all the contributors will be present,it’s not a single person book. There is no motive of profit-making or sending it to the publishers. No, instead I would just let it float on the internet for free.Anyone who’s interested in reading some light-hearted love story can download it or read it online.

[Both the google docs are in public domain so anyone can comment on it]

I have prepared an intro doc,(still evolving)—> link

Why I want to do such thing?
Well, I consider this type of stories ‘BullShit’ or ‘BakChodi‘ (you got the BC in the title,right? some frustration against works of CB can also be responsible here). It’s about the same old love triangle of some college students. The story is in first person of our protagonist.I know its gonna be lacking in many things & mostly skills, but I thought I would try to get creative with the story. I want to see how much new or twists I can pull out of thin air.But the main problem is , I can’t do this alone. I need different perspectives over it. I consider it like churning of ocean, where myriad things come out in whatsoever crude form.Its so amazing or awe-inspiring when a simple or a universal plot can show you how creative it can become.

So I would invite you to help me in this Crazy Project of mine or yours.

I am still figuring out ways to make it work smoothly. If you have any suggestions, do tell me.

If you are on fb, you can join the group—> link….to comment or discuss or to be updated about the changes.

You can read the First Draft(beta version :}) —> link

Hope I can complete it in time.


The Pregnant King

by Devdutt Pattnaik

Rating : 4.8/5

Indian Mythology holds all forms of stories within it, greatest of which is Vasuki’s Mahabharata. Devdutt did an amazing job with it & threw me some more insights. I never imagined that one can write a fiction novel using the mythology. Taking help from little elements from the popular characters of Mahabharata, he has woven a simple & rich story. It doesn’t matter whether you know the actual Mahabharata, it can still entice you with its characters & its subtle messages.

It’s about the life story of the ‘Pregnant King’ Yuvanashva, King of Vallabhi. The story runs in parallel with the incidents of Mahabharata, which are sung by the bards to the King, to clarify his doubts. Story moves just like any other family drama without any war like situations in contrast with Pandavas story. King father died before his birth – the mother  rules the kingdom till he fathers a child – three wife still no child – sorcery is used & by accident king becomes pregnant. That’s all a surface description, what underlies this is rich drama with politics, duties, riddles, dilemmas, sexual acts, symbols, desires, lies and ‘the truth’.

If you get astounded to hear about the 3rd gender,  just wait when you see the characters. Each new character  throwing a new gender, a new state of mind & a new state of body. A man with a vagina, A women with a penis, a homo gender, a hetero gender  & a mother without a womb , a woman with a mans head…well you just read it. Only our mythology can hold them without any repercussions from the present. But all through the story runs the stream of desire, always in conflict with the truth or should I say the truth was there all along. Playing with the currents of change or nature & the stillness or the dharma. As the question of Dharma was raised in the Mahabharata, here also dharma is at stake. Finally, the drama unfolds & gives way to the truth. The novel is impeccable.

Devdutt Pattnaik is ingenious in his approach, just awesome I would say. That is what creativity is. Anyone can reflect on this book, it doesn’t fits in a single category of fiction or mythology or spiritual. It was a great choice just after the exams – breathed in me some new perspectives. I would surely recommend it. Do read it.

Ayn Rand

For the admirer of philosophical classics: Ayn Rand is well recognized.I completed reading her 2 of the masterpieces : The Fountainhead & The Atlas Shrugged.

The FountainHead & The Atlas Shrugged

Anyone who has read her would have noticed her philosophy engraved in her characters.The Perfectionist, the Bold Muse or Bold Spirit, the eccentrics & the other commons.The initial passive response of the protagonist in the court of the society and then the final philosophical speech voiced to pierce through the heart of the people.In the Fountainhead, i found the character of Howard Roark inspiring & motivating. I was literally bowing to the character.For the protagonist of The Atlas Shrugged i would like to find the answer of the question relevant in today’s world- “Who is John Galt ?”

After reading the books i was trying to think of the corollaries it has in today’s scenario.I started reading her philosophy of Objectivism. It started messing with my thoughts after that.However,soon i realized that the her theory is a subset to the Vedic Theory of Karma Yoga. Yes, i felt that she is propounding the same theory.(Would not go further on the topic of Karma Yoga).All in all it was a mind boggling read.( There were sections when i was amused by the actions of the characters- this can be actually done in real life- Anna’s Movement have few similarities).Please do read her,i know it may mess up some ideas in your head but after all “WHO IS JOHN GALT ?