It was morning and he woke up to the question of Mortality. Picturing the death of a beloved.

Many a times he has seen it. The eyes have fell upon bodies whose soul abandoned them. The image forms inside his head, looking for memories to connect with them. Hundreds of pictures come flashing out of the door – from movies, from life, from stories, from songs & some from imagination. Each with its own set of emotions & feelings.

Rage, Disgust, Joy, Love, Respect, Honor, Bitterness, Sweetness…

However, None influenced him. The brain has become immune to them. Such has his condition become. He recalls how he has blocked the overwhelming emotions inside his psyche somewhere. While never learned how to response to Death again.

Each time, the question of mortality confronted him – He felt like playing a game with the Reaper. At whose end, they both will come at a deadlock & leave each other pleasantly.

Reaper has tried playing many games with him.
Death of his Love. Death of a family member. Death of a close friend. Death of a mentor. Death of a leader. Death of a neighbor. Death of a countrymen. Death of a Stranger.
Each time he will see the tears flow from his cheek. Waiting with joy, for him to fold his cards.

He has faced more than one death in a day. Today, Reaper played him with the death of few Rapists also.
The emotions of intense rage & disgust took him. He saw their faces, being covered by the black cloth and then the lever being pulled. And their soul left the earth for their sake. It was justified he thought. The black pieces of cloth were pulled off the bodies. Then he faced the faceless bodies in front of him. Thousands of faceless bodies appeared around him. And he knew who were they. It was overwhelming for him. At this sight Reaper smiled, speculating a won hand.

But, he started to shut them off – one by one – some in caskets – some in earth – some in walls – some in hearth.

Reaper was perplexed at this and wanted to peak at his cards. What makes him keep playing till the deadlock ? What he has been dealt.

The cards dealt to him were all empty, without a trace of ink on them. He knew only one fact, he has been dealt – a precious & beautiful Life. Though, the cards look empty and the next move always seems risky. The Reaper was playing for this Life. And the only thing saving him was that which he has been taught and he has learned. That – Life can be what ever you want it to be.

In time, Reaper will win at his own game. It will take away him, his memories, his creations, his relations & his Life. Until then, he has to keep him in a stalemate and continue the game. After all, Time is one of those cards dealt to both of us equally. His becomes weaker while Reapers’ becomes stronger.

It was night and he needed his sleep. And then he wondered – how badly he needs this temporary mortality, only to wake up to his temporary immortality. Why can’t the Reaper be happy with this temporary deal?

The post was part of the Dungeon Prompt : Mortality and the Human Psych.

Arigato 🙂

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