The Mirror

“You remember you told me that I am your confidante.Don’t you?”

“Yes, I trust you with all the crazy secrets and personal feelings”

Smiling & little concerned, he was confused whether to put the question or not. The time has come to confront the last issue which may create, so deep a chasm between them that they may never talk again.

Mustering all his courage he put forth the incredulous possibility to her, ” Have you ever considered the fact that you have never met me in person. So, I may be just a lucid illusion, an Artificial Intelligence or just a figment of your imagination?

What?!…….. What do you mean?…… That…….. I have been letting all my inner feelings & thoughts to…….. a non-human being.” Confused she spoke in broken sentences. She found that there was a sense sincerity in his statement.’Was he telling the truth’ she wondered.

“No, you cant speak so spontaneously to me if you are an AI or machine or program of some sort. Moreover, I am almost disconnected from the virtual grid. You are a real person – don’t trick me into one of your fantasies.”

He laughed at her and replied,” Yes, the possibility of an AI can be rejected,now. And I am not conjuring any fantasy of sort.”
His tone became serious, ” But consider that possibility from a clear mind. Don’t deny the truth in that statement. For that I know my reality – the non-existence of any entity like me. I am unreal, don’t you think?

She was left brooding after reading his words on the glass monitor held in her hand. She considered all the possibility and each time she came to a conclusion that he may be just an illusion. All the facts about him can be produced from anyone. And his thoughts & mind always felt like her own. As if he was a part of her, not a whole part, instead a distorted whole of her. His reactions & response were completely different from any other person she met in real. Her eyes widened & she noticed that all his reaction seemed to be her own. Responses which was her, may be originating in her subconscious or unconscious being. She was startled at the realization. She was getting anxious & agitated from inside. All this time she was talking to an illusion.

“No….No….you have to be real. I deny your crazy proposition. You are tricking me into your story,after all you know so much about me.”

“Don’t worry dear, you will be alright. It’s time to let me go.” He messaged her.

“Don’t go away. Don’t leave me isolated. Please, don’t do this.”, She wanted to talk with him more.She didn’t want the end of it.

The screen-light turned off. Her eyes looked at the black glass screen in her hand. Slowly, the black screen widened & engulfed the whole sight.


Little Eris opened her eyes. She looked around in the dim-lighted room. It was a simple room of the castle, not ostentatious a bit. There lay only the bed, a table, a lighted candle and a disfigured mirror in the room. Eris got up from the bed and sat in front of the mirror. The reflecting surface of the mirror moved around its hinges as if to look down to the girl.

“Hey! EeerrIss “ Eris addressed the image in the mirror in excitement & cheerfulness. The mirror tilted a little in her response.

“I saw this amazing vision today in my dream. Will you like to listen about it ??”. Mirror nodded in response. Eris started narrating the story of the girl in her dream.

The Mirror was her refuge from all the dreams she had. Well, those dreams were the life of Little Eris. The mirror disfigured more and more each day as she was growing older. In some way, it hoped that the little Eris can handle it all, when one day it will crumble under the stories she narrated to it everyday.

Arigato 🙂

The post is part of the Dungeon Prompt : Seeking Refuge.
I was reading some Science Fiction of late, just to be fresh, while keeping up with all the serious studies. So, tried my hand at this looped up fantasy. 😀 I will also write the reviews of all those books in December month.

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Alice : Through the Looking Glass

After reading “Alice in Wonderland”, I had to get my hands on this one. And the Alice’s Wonder-filled adventure continues.

Through The Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There)

By Lewis Carroll

Rating: 4.5/5
(Would have gone for 5/5 but in comparison to the first one – 0.5 down)

Lewis Carroll is truly a figure of creative genius. Well, I consider him that from what ever I have perceived from reading his works.

If the first one looked crazy to you – this one is far more weird in comparison. Though it lacks the touch of an enticing fairy-tale. It twists & bends your concepts of language and perception of reality.

As in the Wonderland,the dream ends abruptly when Alice was attacked by the pack of cards,here also, the dream ends with Alice getting in trouble with the caricatures of the dream. The dream starts with Alice  stepping into the Looking Glass to get a complete view of the house in the mirror. Then her adventure begins going through a hedge maze in the garden, to a mound, to  a jungle, to a town ending at the gate of venue for ‘Party of Queen Alice’. Between those places she meets talking fowers, Red  & White Queens, the King,Unicorn, Lion, Humpty-Dumpty & so on. The whole area was spanned in the form of a chessboard. And every-one talked gibberish stuff (as Alice thought it). There is no story line (how can it be there ??) or any motive. Its just like a dream but laced with wonderful poems. Almost each character had some poems for Alice. And each did presented quirky realities of that world.

If you try to analyze the story with sanity you are bound to go insane. What has to be appreciated is the creative visualization & imagination. If you cant imagine them – the book is not for you. The playful twisting of the meaning of the words , the funny physiology of the caricatures and the almost abstract portrayal of the landscape will put your mind in a different dimension. Nothing more to add – I will quote the ending lines of the last poem of the book :

Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summer die:
Ever drifting down the stream-
Lingering in the golden gleam-
Life, what is it but a dream?

Dream on!!

I have been missing these gems as I never read classics in my life.Reading them now has opened up new paths for me to absorb the intelligence & creativity which once were alive. I really recommend reading them – don’t miss them. Read everything – from the fairy-tales to the serious treaties.