Tipping on Codes


You know about my goals for this year (check here).

I am working on the coding this blog from scratch; hacking using resources on the web. And to make it clear – I am a computer science graduate. 😛

However, for the last 2 years I have been far far away from any programming language. I was busy pursuing other goals (tedious goals). I want to brush up my coding skills now. And it is getting annoying and exhausting for me. 😦

I am tipping on small small stuff. I am unable to write a good piece of code by myself. I am constantly asking the Google God about possible solutions. As I see it, I have not lost the basic concepts yet. Though, the language has taken new forms, so many new functionalities have been added. I am trumped by the amount of things you can do so easily now. I am still struggling even with improved functionality.

Now I understand how it must have felt when people used to come to ask about coding to me. I mean they were smart but still had problem figuring things out. *Sigh* I have a similar conditions now. And I do not even have anyone to ask about such little things, except googling. 😛

Further, about standards and professional looking site and code – I am still in amateur group. I am frequently trashing my designs and codes because they look shitty to me. It gets frustrating to end up with a bad output after hours of work. 😦

I am moving forward with half baked products now. I want to get to some end product – a good enough site. Then I will keep on iterating the process until I make it good enough. I wish to do it fast actually, like before the end of next month.

Well, do tell me if you have some good tip on writing a code. Actually tell me about some way to learn the new languages fast. Would really help ?



On Motivation

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”
― Ayn Rand

For the last three days, I was searching for motivation. Something which can push me to write something and then push me further to finish it. Yeah, both are separate from each other. The push to start is not the same as the push to end. It seldom is same.

Have you seen an empty canvas? or an empty page? or a void in your life ?

They all let you imagine anything you want. They lay there looking at you. Waiting for you to put something on them – fill them up with something you want. They want you to act.

They become a beast, a demon for me. Constantly taunting me, looking into my eyes, with sinister smiles. And most people will stop there & run away or let it be or simply destroy the stage. The fear binds you and snatches that precious moment of action from you. So how do I act?

I like to keep my demons along. I like to mingle with them. I like to live around them.

When I am faced by one such demon. I simply say ‘Hello’ to it. If I look at a blank canvas – I would throw a color on it, or make any random stroke on it. If I look at a sheet of paper – I will doodle on it, scribble on it. I will place any silly idea into the void. The main point is – in case of fear – I take silly action, even if it turns out to be a mistake.

And that little silly action – motivates me to move ahead. The huge possibility of better & foolish things fills up my mind-space. That imagined world charged with the creative energy propels me to keep on moving. That is all the motivation one needs to keep on dreaming and keep on taking action.

Whatever one fills in those dreams – will affect the path one chooses, the mobility to get to the dream, the perseverance to face the problems, the tenacity to keep on a single path.
What you imagine will either motivate you or demotivate you. And sometimes will lead you to change paths or stop in your journey.

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.”
― Zig Ziglar

And I am in love with it. No, Not with the fear. Fear is dreadful.

I am in love with the ability to change my imagination at will. I can keep evolving my dreams – I can keep changing them. It is amazing. However, the more dependent you are on the external sources for this imagination – the more dependent you are on others for motivation. They will decide it for you my friend.

From the recent meetings with friends, i came to know that generally people have this perception that I am aloof, proud, crazy, lonely, e.t.c. Sorry, if you feel like that. Well, some part of it is true also, and some of it is the ‘detachment’. I want to take control of my world. I am trying to work on it – it gets crazy sometimes. And that leads me to the last part – the part which motivates you to end it all.

The vision of the golden egg at the end of the line. The view of the goal post.
The excitement of getting to the last page. The satisfaction of the last stroke of brush.
The pat on the back or the hug from the loved ones. The achievement of standing on the podium or receiving an award.
The pride of increasing bank balance. The lust of an object.
The love of a person. The attainment of moksha.

To be honest,this part of motivation still eludes me.

At that stage, there is no demon left to taunt me. They are all standing beside me. The quest to growth keeps my imagination rolling and I keep on moving.
Sometimes I imagine that all these demons see their own finish line ;and at the sight of it, we all fall into a chaos of individual race to the finish. And sometimes I imagine that the vision of the golden egg does not mesmerize me. Howsoever it may be, I hope that in my journey when I decide to stop and look back at the path I traveled – I find the finish lines crossed.

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt,

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(Another rant )

What is Fusion? According to Wikipedia, basically it means : Fusion refers to the connection of two or more distinct things/bodies. That is how my mind goes to when-ever any idea comes to my mind.Not only my mind each of us evolved to think in terms of fusion. When you were a child how you learned to speak? A child uses sounds first , then it breaks the letters into broken pieces of sounds…& then it learns to speak a single word.From there, it learns the language.Even in a dictionary, it is given in a divided form to help one pronounce it & we pronounce it in continuity.
My mind goes on so many different areas when i think of fusion. I mean the whole technology has been result of fusion & day by day…new techs are fusing to create the next big thing.Fusion is already in Music ,Art & Design.I believe power of future will come from fusion only.But when i reflect on our daily lives, people don’t acknowledge this point.Creativity can be easily inculcated if one sees things in perspective of fusing the different entities. Most of the industries keep on telling people to be creative in there work however they keep on creating divide between the people.I mean there are so many positions in a company now…..it creates a status divide in mind just by hearing them.From the dilbert cartton below – you can see that’s what they call creativity, adding some creativity icons- but still its the same thing.Innovation & creativity doesn’t works that way. Even in education, we are divided into different streams..science,commerce,bio e.t.c. I mean it helps in understanding a system by dividing it into different entities but to create a working solution they has to be again fused into one entity.Its not just assembling things…it works great when no people are involved.But when people are involved they have to be fused together with the structure..not just assemble them into places where automation was not possible.Cutting a problem into pieces & trying to solve them in isolation is great, but its solving problem not creating solutions.Solutions are created – its not the same as solving a problem.

Today if innovation is in need…fusion is the way.Earlier it was not possible as there was no common base where we can put all these together, now we know that in the virtual world boundaries vanish – anything can be fused together with different entity.I feel that the same is needed in our physical reality…the sooner we start fusing our institutes & systems the faster we’ll move into future.One idea of fusion is to fuse everything into one entity, but its OK only.Magic happens when we have different entities & organization which came out of fusing some particular compatible entities.The more mutation by fusing different entities the richer the humanity will evolve.It’s similar to the Darwin’s Evolution Theory.Thats why i feel that BIG organizations or MNCs which gobble up small enterprises to add it to there body have a narrow narcissist attitude.They feel like there has to be a GOD watching over everything in whatever field they are active in, but it is prone to the idea of fall of GOD – everyone will perish – doomsday comes.The same thing happens in areas where services or productivity suddenly plummets.The centralized efficient system starts to decay & they refuse to die and pass the baton to someone deserving.Evolution didn’t happened because cells came together & decided -” we should create a human being & neurons will be the brain”. It happened spontaneously with time.That’s why variety is needed – where each has its own individuality & still works get done.The order will come out of chaos & it will go on adjusting with time.
Now a days when i am brooding over something or learning something., my mind keeps on fusing different ideas.I am constantly saying to myself ,..Ohh its the same thing….Its similer to that……Amazing thought…..What a fusion of ideas.I think i want my career as a fusion in field of education, field of technology & field of art & design.Any idea – which career paths would suit me?

I have more of these type of fundae rants.I have some thoughts on Bookish Knowledge, increasing no. of generalist, on new models to reflect on to create a system, Democracy in localities, on education…….this month of November was amazing & mind boggling.This post is not that well structured as most of my thoughts have flown away..i should have posted it that time only.:P

P.S. – the 1st pic was made by me 🙂