Prompt: Bleeding-dream

You said it today,
With your sweet voice and tight hug.
Beaming with joy and your pride.
With a gleeful expression
I stood there in wonder.
Feeling blessed and content.

Is it real or another of those dreams?
My stupid mind doubted.
This had happened many times,
in those silent nights
in those beautiful dreams.

I touched my chest,
I looked for the string,
the thin golden thread
which always connected us
in our dream.

I was afraid and sad now,
the string vanishes into dust
whenever you move away.
Would you turn around and move on now?
Anxious I was.

Your eyes pierced into mine
You nodded, assured me.
It is happening dear.
It is not our dream,
This is for real, she whispered.

Written for a lovely prompt : When my dreams bleed into reality. 

Arigato 🙂

[ My attempts at poetry are like a little boy’s attempt of weaving together words with affections and dreams. :P]

Dream Good, Evil or your way.

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Lay down your shield, keep the sword away
The bed is comfy, so is the sofa
Yawn wide, before your lazy recess
Close your lids, calm your heart
Dissolve into your world of wonder
Look at the galaxy, the stars, the moon…
…the waving road, the brave battle…
…the passion, the lust, the power, the gloom
Don’t go back so soon
Stay a bit longer with me
In this dreaminess tranquility.
Don’t you find it pretty?

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Don’t lower your guard, pull up your sword
The battle is still going, so you are
Open your eyes to your dreams
Play them again & again, it is your requiem
Grab the flag, fight your fears
Find your way, so i am here
…cry, laugh, smile, shout…
…frown, glare, be proud or gay
It is time to stay alive and awake
bridge the gap between tomorrow, today

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Only I hear these two lines so clear
There are whispers also that I bear
Can’t say which I do listen
Is it an Angel or a Devil in the day
Perhaps it is not a quarrel
Good on one, Evil on other 
Rather it is my Soul’s bay 
The only voice which is near
Is to Dream, Dream my way.

Dream, my dear, Dream
Dream away into a distant land

Each day I lay around in bed doing nothing with closed eyes. It looks like a wasted day. I want to be awake & do my studies, along side my other activities. I think it is Evil to waste my time like this. I have to stay awake & keep on moving – letting the angel watch over me. However, the restlessness which stays inside me – hints me that may be it is what my body needs right now. It is never a waste to refresh & re-energize with a good lazy sleep.

This post was part of Dungeon Prompts, by Sreejit Poole. The prompt was:  Good, Evil and the Rules that You Live By.
hope you like it. & get it.

Arigato 🙂

Daily Prompt: Procrastination

G: Aah! something you are so familiar with, something which you relish in, something which has become a close part of your life.
M: No, No, No – I have never done it. I am always in flux, doing something all the time.

G : Ha-Ha!! (hysterical laugh) You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to me. You can not rationalize your acts of dullness, your acts of nothingness.
M: I never rationalize my acts. I do what I do & I don’t think about it. Like see right now – I am writing this blog post.

G: Actually, you are not writing this post. I am doing it. You were only trying it for 3 days. Finding other stuff to do so that you can get away with it. And let’s see what you did before I accepted to help you out on this. You were sleeping, pretending to read, sleeping, reading & again sleeping. What a big liar & a hypocrite are you!
M: I was not thinking while sleeping. I was having ideas to mull on. Dreaming lets your imagination wander around the impossibilities. It’s a hard & tedious mental exercise.

G: And its done while sleeping. So there is no loss of energy.Right. *Huh*
M: Exactly! Isn’t it energy conserving. Am I not smart.(winks) 🙂

G: You dimwit,fickle-minded,indecisive, morose & a pathetic irresponsible being. I will teach you discipline. Now get up, open the prompt & start writing.
M: No can’t Do, Boss. I need to imagine something colorful & gorgeous in my dreams.  I am going back to bed. Moreover, you are just a puny part of me, you can’t make me do things.

G: Oh really! we’ll see about that. Or should I say – you will see.
(Goes to bed, keeps changing positions, closes his eyes, tries to start a fantasy in his mind, couldn’t carry on)
M: You are such an irritating little piece of shit. Let me sleep. Will you? I don’t want to see all that blood & gore stuff.
*No replies*
(Attempts again to sleep. Unsuccessful again – doesn’t leaves it there. Tries hard to sleep. Finally, he starts dreaming beautiful designs – filled with ideas)

M: Wow! I had such an awesome dream. I have to write it down. Where have I kept my pad & pen??
G: (whispers) Laptop is open. Click on the browser.
M: Aha! yes, that will be better. I will put it in my blog. Thanks Boss.
G: (And he thinks it’s all his doing. Such a foolish kid. He learns fast. He will come into the line soon) 😀 😀
M: See, And you say I was procrastinating. You petty piece of mental being.

Arigato 🙂

Am I a…

I wrote a line on my status yesterday – ” Humans are Fish & they fly above the clouds “.
You can take/derive what ever you want from the above line. For me, its one of my fantasist imagination which comes to me often or sort of regularly.
Below is something what I came up with, while thinking about that state.

 Above the clouds the celestial ocean lies
 In the blissful light, the soul flies
 Looking up at the Earth , smiling with the eyes
 Trying to pull me into the waters
 To share the rays eternal
 I turn him down, lock myself up
 Afraid of the shining, which may burn me away
 to the Ashes of non-existence & nothingness
 Again & again raising the question:
 A piece of Flesh with a soulful heart, Am I?
 Or a Phoenix that will again rise.

Arigato. 🙂

Why not grow a garden than a tree?

What do i want to do ?

I can’t understand the answer to this question.Its a trivial question for me.It’s not just one thing i want to do(career).Ok, for this question what answer you get in your head or do you even get any answer? For me i get these answers:

Graphic Designing; Civil Services ; Management ; Teaching ;( These are the major ones).

Everyone reasons like only one of those can be chosen.But i ask Why can’t i choose more than one.I don’t want to have a same & monotonous type of work for the whole life. I want to merge all them together- i want to be all of them – yes a jack of all trades- a Scholar.I have all my life for this(however short or long it may be). I am not saying i would be a scholar in 10years or 20years.I understand getting to that point will take time.There is a possibility that i might not even get close to it.Let it be the Acme for me.

Michelanglo ” The greatest danger of most of us is not that our aim is too high & we miss it, But that it is too low & we reach it”

Many of us want to draw a single line a strong line of career.But for me i want to spawn a web of career. All the different career aspect does intersect with each other.Woven together they create a mesh for me, to catch my desire & dreams into it.I know we can plant a sapling & make it grow into a tree.Whether it will be a fruit bearing one will depend on our actions only.But why can’t there be a garden of them.Some might bear fruits & some might not. Some will be there for shear pleasure of us and some for its sweet & sour fruits.I can see the tree, though i can also see the garden.If i ever build this garden it will be open for all to learn & apply it to there life.To inspire them to aspire higher than this.

My inexperience in life & irrationality of youth(though i don’t consider it as irrational) might let you say that it is only wishful thought.It can not be practical.It might seem to be my rambling or preaching.However i feel that one’s persistence & determination can be the only deterrent in making this garden a reality.I have promised myself to achieve this & one day i shall.

Thoughts that were..

About the ride of thought i went into after that dream. It seems it is hard to recollect it and write here. Even i am not able to understand it properly. The reason might be that i think mostly in pictures. It’s hard to convey it to you. But let’s try.

I was reading this transcript (not exact- simplified it a bit): “The world is real. Everything is present in reality. If not then why do we get hurt when hit by a stone. The stone is real, the pain is real. Then why do we hear that its a dream. The world is a dream. We are dreaming unaware of the reality”. “Sab moh maya hai”

My take on this after whatever i understood from the text is that the world do exist. But it is not the true form. We perceive this world in our mind. This pseudo perception of the reality is the dream we are living in. It is not the actual reality but is seen with lens of coloured glass of mind. Each one has his own perception, each one observes the truth with his own coloured glasses. Each one makes it real by himself, one’s ego makes it real. To try to understand it in some way & make out some meaning in it. The ego creates this dream of reality.

I am not going to go further with this now. After this point, bundles of questions start coming to my mind. It cannot be recollected now & answered hereby. It will take time for me to understand all this. My mind kept thinking about it for 2hours after this, still it’s not clear :P.