Pocket Diary -18

Back with the pocket diary. Well, I rarely write quotes in this diary now; as mostly I am reading books which goes into my book-diary plus I am reading amazing quotes on net in the form of typography and images. I broke the pocket diary series also. 😛 * sigh * it is hard to keep up with all these series. I need to stop making such promises to myself.

Now, the quotes:

M.Gandhi, ” You can not build non-violence on a factory of civilization, but it can built on self-contained villages.”

Gandhi has captivated me not only for his methods of non-violence and civil disobedience, but also for his ingenious way to create change. The above quotes shows it so perfectly – the cities or cradle of civilization get so mechanized that any type of change is hard to initiate effectively. Thanks to ‘Modern Marketing & Advertising’ it has become much easier to change consumer behaviour, but not character or nature. Non-violence being purely about change of character both inner and outer.

So, how about changing the culture in a society – about rape, about dowry, about corruption. Should we start from villages and build over it ?. Should we employ the consumer-attracting tactics to fuel the change? or Perhaps a combination of both or some new way?

From movie/novel ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, ” We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Love is hard to get ( & hard to understand).  I am still brooding over love reading this line. Do one accept the love that he/she thinks they don’t deserve ? Do they accept love without any foolish notion about deserving it ? What happens when one don’t get the love which one thinks he/she deserves? What about when gets overwhelmed by the love one gets?

(I like to think about love in third person rather than first person. Not wise to reduce one’s value or expectation about love on such silly musings.)

“Only Time knows when something has to die”.(Myself)

Think about it – perhaps Yama is Time God or Lucifer is Time or Grim Reaper is time or simply death is Time. Only Time points to the moment when something died. And we obsess so much about time (or may be death).

Kurt Vonnegot, “Use the time of a stranger in such a way that he or she will not fell the time was wasted.”

I know you must have compared this one with the last one. Ok, let me put it this way  – Time is Life. When Life ends time ends. As Kurt Vonnegot says – I better use a life of a stranger so that it does not feels wasted.

I hope I did not waste your time/life/death with this post. 😛

Arigato 🙂


It was morning and he woke up to the question of Mortality. Picturing the death of a beloved.

Many a times he has seen it. The eyes have fell upon bodies whose soul abandoned them. The image forms inside his head, looking for memories to connect with them. Hundreds of pictures come flashing out of the door – from movies, from life, from stories, from songs & some from imagination. Each with its own set of emotions & feelings.

Rage, Disgust, Joy, Love, Respect, Honor, Bitterness, Sweetness…

However, None influenced him. The brain has become immune to them. Such has his condition become. He recalls how he has blocked the overwhelming emotions inside his psyche somewhere. While never learned how to response to Death again.

Each time, the question of mortality confronted him – He felt like playing a game with the Reaper. At whose end, they both will come at a deadlock & leave each other pleasantly.

Reaper has tried playing many games with him.
Death of his Love. Death of a family member. Death of a close friend. Death of a mentor. Death of a leader. Death of a neighbor. Death of a countrymen. Death of a Stranger.
Each time he will see the tears flow from his cheek. Waiting with joy, for him to fold his cards.

He has faced more than one death in a day. Today, Reaper played him with the death of few Rapists also.
The emotions of intense rage & disgust took him. He saw their faces, being covered by the black cloth and then the lever being pulled. And their soul left the earth for their sake. It was justified he thought. The black pieces of cloth were pulled off the bodies. Then he faced the faceless bodies in front of him. Thousands of faceless bodies appeared around him. And he knew who were they. It was overwhelming for him. At this sight Reaper smiled, speculating a won hand.

But, he started to shut them off – one by one – some in caskets – some in earth – some in walls – some in hearth.

Reaper was perplexed at this and wanted to peak at his cards. What makes him keep playing till the deadlock ? What he has been dealt.

The cards dealt to him were all empty, without a trace of ink on them. He knew only one fact, he has been dealt – a precious & beautiful Life. Though, the cards look empty and the next move always seems risky. The Reaper was playing for this Life. And the only thing saving him was that which he has been taught and he has learned. That – Life can be what ever you want it to be.

In time, Reaper will win at his own game. It will take away him, his memories, his creations, his relations & his Life. Until then, he has to keep him in a stalemate and continue the game. After all, Time is one of those cards dealt to both of us equally. His becomes weaker while Reapers’ becomes stronger.

It was night and he needed his sleep. And then he wondered – how badly he needs this temporary mortality, only to wake up to his temporary immortality. Why can’t the Reaper be happy with this temporary deal?

The post was part of the Dungeon Prompt : Mortality and the Human Psych.

Arigato 🙂

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A day that was my Birthday

First ‘Thank You for all the wishes on my Birthday(17th April)”.

As i don’t use Facebook much, i was not able to ‘Like’ your wish posts or replied anything or even posted a common Thanks.Sorry For that. <i know only few of my friends have any Will to read their friends blog – but no probs >

We all have some dream-days that we would like to spend.Some special events we would like to live in a special manner.I also have many and this post is about one of those.I wished that for once on my birthday, i should spend the day in some forest ,alone ,below a clear sky, away from all the things.Well it was not like that but still it came pretty close to it.Why such a wish, i’ll explain later.

The day before 17th April 2012, i got sick & was having vomit-tings & loose motions.Somehow i slept in the night to be awaken by my Brother’s call(first one to wish). Then it came to me, it was my birthday.I thanked him & said him to put off the phone in callous manner.He woke me up.Another 2 hr sleep lost.Again when i was just going to sleep, Harsh called me.I thanked him and all that.Then some more vomits & i got slept around 5 in the morning.Likewise in the morning Niket & Aashri called me.Sorry i forget the sequence but 2-3 more friends called me .That’s it.I was first time sick on my birthday.So what i did special.Nothing.Nothing at all.Just laid their on my bed the whole day having the same ‘tiffin’ food.By the evening i was smiling, just thinking about that birthday in a forest wish.Thanks to facebook – it was not to be fulfilled completely.Cell phone started ringing & wishes were poured in. “A Big Thanks to All”.<no thanks to facebook – ruined the wish>.In the night i realized – woah nothing special today & only few phone calls.Even Kapil came to meet me & had dinner with me & he didn’t realized that it was my birthday<he still doesn’t know :p>. Amazing i can’t believe the wish became partially true. Many people might not find it funny,for me it was, my parents also forgot that it’s my birthday.Even i can’t believe it. Here it was a partially fulfilled ‘Birthday Wish’.Contrary to general perception – i enjoyed it & was smiling the whole day<even if i was sick>.

On why I would wish such a lonesome day.I would say – “We should have new experiences right ” & “When you miss something you know the importance of it “. Our whole life, we were always with someone, celebrating the Birthday. I wanted to experience a day where only i was there.Just me & my birthday. I know it’s a special day for most, but i wanted to know – is it really special ? What difference does it make ? Do i really feel lonely ? Do i like loneliness ? How does a person who doesn’t know his birthday feels ? How one without any friends would celebrate it ?.

I ask to those people who propose to have new experience, Why can’t a event which doesn’t highlights a special day not a new experience? Only if you missed somethings that day or that time – you will always try to make it special. Live it in a better way.Try something different.Try Tedha yaar. I don’t know because of my nature or my constant need to intellectualize , i didn’t felt anything new.May be for me it was never a special day – just like this another WordPress Blog – just another day in my life.

<When i talk with sids – we wish cheerfully to each other – and acknowledge happily that one year more close to our deaths & one more year of life closed  & one more year less to live —–makes me more cheerful for life>

P.S – Got an idea after writing this.We can have a series of blog post on special days that we want to have.I’ll give a thought to it.