Y so Selfish


My Geography coaching teacher was telling about a discussion he had with his father on why in Hindu culture we have the concept of boys only being able to carry the lineage forward. His father argued that using the new knowledge of human genes. A man has XY chromosome & a woman has XX chromosomes. So the only way to transfer the Y part of the gene is through a boy (XY-gene) only. From a girl child only the X-part can be transferred to the subsequent generation, but from a boy child both get transferred in the lineage. He asked the students that how can he reply to this argument.

After reading this are you convinced that Boys are necessary as ones descendant? Are some counter arguments coming to your mind? If yes, please share it, it will enrich my thoughts as well.

The same day, I asked the question to my father and he gave the same reply which I had thought of (he also added some new information to it).

According to me, I felt the argument was scientifically right in one way. However, the idea of transferring only your gene can sustain your lineage is erroneous. The concept of transferring the Y-gene can only be taken in a broader sense where the Y-gene transfer is taking place in the human beings as an animal race. It may seem logical to me if it is in transferring the genes of particular ethnic group or minor race. One cannot be so selfish of thinking that the humanity exist only if his lineage survives. Genes are for survival of human race not for a small familial bloodline. I wonder how it got so deeply entrenched in the Indian psyche. Were our religious leaders responsible or were the kings responsible or were it a natural phenomenon which arises when a civilization settles & starts to grow. I have not read much of religious texts or Vedas or Upanishads, so I cannot comment on them. I understand there is variety of social, economical & political reasons present to explain this mindset to some extent. But does this type of argument, validate choosing a boy over a girl to carry over your bloodline.

My father added the information that Y-gene acts like a ‘selfish gene’. It is present only in men and can only be transferred via men. It selects only his own ‘man lineage’ and the X-chromosome is the altruistic one.

Sorry can’t trust

Yesterday in my coaching class,this years rank 4 IAS topper came to guide the new & old aspirants. What all he suggested & recommended for success in upsc was good and provided some motivation to me. He was somewhat inspiring in some sense but mainly i couldn’t connect with him. After been to so many topper guidance & lectures on success in a competitive exam, it seems to be only a small perspective of the paths to your destination. Being a psychology student, i can’t trust them blindly. I have lost the belief in this type of sessions.
Why i can’t trust on such things? first of all i believe there are many ways and not a single path. Second, each person has his own learning process,his different aptitude & attitude towards exams. I can only take hints from someone else & try it. If it works then stick to it else leave it. So its better to analyze yourself & develop your own way for learning. Third, times change & so does people & their nature. And adapting to these changes also take time, which keeps on decreasing when you’re preparing for some exam. Then we all have to cope up with many things simultaneously which takes heavy toll on your psych. One will start to feel fatigue, boredom, frustration & depression. Though i agree an exam like IAS does check your coping capabilities, but it doesn’t mean that you impulsively change your activities & go into a tail spin, doing much more damage than wellbeing. Lastly, the perversive hero-worshipping nature of us indians. I was really pissed off when the guy came in & there was an ambience of awe in the whole class. Everyone seeking his eyes, his piece of mind or even comparing him to themselves. At the end of the session many students just flocked onto him, not even letting anyone pass or to let that guy go. Just trying to see him ,thinking something might increase their chances or would make them more deserving. He is a human( a really humble one), why are you making him a hero. I dont like hero worshipping instead i want to achieve that level & not be a hero-like figure. Just a simple guy who got to that point, that’s it.
I came back motivated & inspired to my room. But as i was not able to do those things like he suggested, i became self-critical. My mood got ruined & procrastination started. This post is my attempt to understand the sitiation & help me be calm & move on. Writing all this makes it more clear what should be my next step. So back to study.

I was observing why all the guys who come to this type of sessions have similar stories of hardwork, persistence, sacrifice e.t.c. Is it like that who have done this much sacrifice, wants to let others know.
Why doesn’t a person comes who didn’t sacrificed much, kept to his studies alongwith other activities & still grabbed success. I think they dont feel like sharing or dont think that its worth mention or are simply lazy. I would love to see the average guys come up & share their simple story.

Classes Starts

From 1st june both the classes for UPSC Optional started. I have chosen Psychology & Geography as my optional. For Psychology I joined Vajiram & Ravi (taught by Mukul Pathak) and   Alok Ranjan for Geography. Excluding my anti-coaching perception or bias, this post is about my first impression of the classes


The Psychology class is in the morning 11 am to 1-2pm.The classroom is packed with uncomfortable metallic chairs packed in a manner to accommodate as many chairs possible in the class. It is really uncomfortable to go to your seat. It’s so like the Big Coaching business taking so much money & packing the students like cattle in tiny air conditioned space fitted with loudspeaker to listen the lecture. About Mukul Pathak Sir & his teaching style. He taught well with focussing on the thought process or mind maps which gets build on as we progress with the topics. He didn’t stated that. He more or less dictates definitions & explain the particular terms  and there connection with examples & funny anecdotes. The general opinion with students is that his notes & vajiram material is enough for the mains; though i doubt that. He uses the basic feel good triggers or jokes for revitalising students attention. Up till now I only have one problem that he has not yet told how to write the answers. I mean in what style or manner, hope he’ll do so in coming classes. The best thing I have liked about his style is his emphasis on connecting different subjects & knowledge areas and produce the answer in a logical & fitting manner.

Alok Ranjan Sir’s class was more better. I think I liked his attitude or approach towards the subject and his suggestions to the students. He uses few jokes to re-energize the students rather he tells short stories based on the subjects application itself, which are much more interesting than petty jokes. Actually I didn’t got bored in his class or felt sleepy at all. He has a decided structure of course & it looks more efficient in inculcating not only the writing habit but also the knowledge of subject matter. He gave clear answers to the queries of the students relating to the subject & other options, writing aspects, writing style, attitude towards the subject. Only point which put me off was his emphasis on paragraph type answers rather than logical point based precise answers. I write in concise & logical manner using points more often than paragraphs. Let’s see whether I can develop that ability with his guidance( I think it can, his methods felt genuine not the marketing ploy or shallow appealing ones; it would need hard work).

The worst thing in both the classes is that – I don’t get any day off. A Sunday off would have been great 😛 .  Then here it goes the 4 months most rigorous learning period of my whole life with whatever patience, energy & grey matter I have with me to achieve my aspirations & desires.