Pavid Pavillion

This is the last one of the novel, which I took from my fathers’ bookshelf. I finished reading it on 5th only, but didn’t got much time to write the review here. It will be a really short review.

Pavid Pavillion

By Sidney Sheldon

Rating: 1/5

This will be a short review because there is nothing much to comment on. This one was one of the early work of Sidney Sheldon. Even, it’s ISBN has been reassigned to some other work of his. It can show you how Sidney Sheldon moved from meaningless & gibberish stories to the master- plots of his thrillers. This has been a disappointment , as I expected to find suspense or thriller. Well, I was bemused by the plot though.

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This book has portrayed the sexual scandals of the high society of Hollywood. Well, not of a society but of some well connected characters. The connection is their sexual encounters & its a messy mesh. Every character seems to be copulated with some other character. All the feelings of envy,jealousy,anger, love,passion – I mean almost every type of human emotion without its depth has been presented via the characters. Each chapter has some form of sexual encounter placed as per the story-line.
I can’t pinpoint the protagonist of the novel. It looked like bunch of bunnies having sex in a glamorous world. And the scenes are not explicit like the mommy porn – ’50 Shades of Grey’. They will give the idea what’s been done.
The whole point of the book was like creating a bunch of characters – with each having some motive embedded with high sex drives.(too high sex drives) . In the end the author just kills them one by one. Letting them die into the nothingness where they originated from.
Yeah, that’s all.

The book cover was totally apt for this one. The main women who survive are blondes with blue eyes. But I still don’t understand why each book of Sidney Sheldon has a girl/woman pic on its cover.
This was a waste of time. Glad! I finished fast.

I won’t recommend it. I think, its not even in print now. For the best of you, You won’t find it in any book stores. 😛


P.S – My frequency of blogging will decrease from now on. As I have to study for the mains exam & I am in flow now-a-days. 😀

Single Exam Brouhaha


Note: Long post, read at your own leisure.

There has already been so much comments & opinions on the proposed merger of admission test for all engineering colleges including IITs, NITs & other institutes. There is discussion of dilution of standards or IITs; degrading the brand of IIT; incomparable marking schemes of different board exams and many other assumed & sought for problems. I don’t want to comment on the standards or IIT per se, but on the recent trends of merging of examination systems for engineering, medical,  mba & other exams.

Last year only I was having discussion with my friends & my father that this govt. just wants to standardize the college admission process on the line of global trends i.e. like SAT score. I think the finally in India also we will be using SAT, might be with some other name. The most appalling motive I feel is that govt. wants foreign university opening branches in India or their funds for education sector. On first thought it looks great, Oxford India, MIT India e.t.c. We cannot provide even primary education for all, but want everyone to have an option of global university. Is there an assumption that all those who go to college are rich & have the luxury to spend huge amounts for a mere graduation or post-graduation. There are so many sub-standard colleges in our country which are running below their quotas & being run like corporate houses. Too much mud-slinging on the influx of foreign education institutions in India, let me get to the point of single base exam system.

Kudos to the institutes & authorities on easing the pressure on students by unifying the various entrance exams. Now, they just need to give full into one single exam. Uncertainty factor will lessen down as one will know which college he is eligible for. No college will exploit the students by declaring the date of admission just before some other exam results are out. Students will focus more on school activities as major part will be dependent on the board papers & ones personality will be judged by the extracurricular or exceptional work done by the student. Although It is sought that students will not take coaching but on the contrary they are going to enrol more into them. This effect can be bought if the exam level is very low or like school level, then also for the increased competition level they will surely join them. I mainly wanted to highlight the negative side of the reformed system. So here it goes.

This  step just infuriates me, possibly because this opportunity was not with me. However, howsoever pressure multi exam puts on a student, everyone will agree that it gave multiple opportunities to score & get a good college. One might mess up one exam but he will have other exams to try again in next exam. This might become better with new system but still I would prefer a multiple chance then a single-shot game. Anything can happen in an exam.

Second, it just goes away from the core competency of Indian students to perform in pressure situations & handle many fronts at a time & also much tougher and varying exam patterns than global exams.

Thirdly, it present the problem of measuring everyone with a single scale. Judging by the ability of a cat to fly, a fish to run & a bird to swim is ridiculous. All the nerds are at loss. Now school performance & extra-curricular activities will matter. You can’t say I am a fish, I can’t walk on the land – you have to become an amphibian now.

Hope you get the metaphors of the top & bottom fruit basket pictures.

Fourth, It doesn’t stops the propagation of sub-standard colleges, nor does it promises a quality education for all. Fifth, this type of steps in India should have taken when there would be similar standard institutes. Even between IITs & NITs there is considerable difference in facilities, quality of education & research work. The pvt. Institutes are in there own world it seems. With all this systems in place & one would get seats in pvt. Institutes by taking loans. Yeah! congratz to all the students who would get into the debt cycle before starting their job. I think if students suicide lowers down then we’ll see increase in working class suicides.

All this came out because of strong feelings for the education sector in India. More things are on negative fronts, but let’s see we might get better & shining education system Just wait & watch.

P.S – I totally support the unified JEE. After all for what should they have a Brand? Are they education institutes or products? What do they actually do for the grass roots of the country?

One more thing, I expect there will be huge black money inflow or scams in education sector with more reforms in the future.