Pocket Diary – 4

I found this Quote by Ruskin Bond in an article –

“In a world that has no Time for Losers, to be a survivor is something of an achievement”

Hmm…so achievement is not only to Win but also to survive, a point to think about.

I noted something about thought process & decisions.I was thinking can a person with rational thought process take a irrational decision Or can a person with irrational thought process take a rational decision.Are the two statements contradictory?Or does the perception of a decision being irrational or rational is relative to the person through which we are observing?If a rational thought process or irrational thought process is there than it has to result into to rational & irrational decisions respectively. The decision on being observed by the other person will look to be rational & irrational according to his/her’s own thought process or perception.And from the perception of the acting person the decision will always be Rational.Wooooh….baal ki khaal nikal di lagta hai.:P

I also noted something about various personal & management knowledge matrix. But i’ll not put it here as i think it will help me in future for higher studies.