Prompt: Bleeding-dream

You said it today,
With your sweet voice and tight hug.
Beaming with joy and your pride.
With a gleeful expression
I stood there in wonder.
Feeling blessed and content.

Is it real or another of those dreams?
My stupid mind doubted.
This had happened many times,
in those silent nights
in those beautiful dreams.

I touched my chest,
I looked for the string,
the thin golden thread
which always connected us
in our dream.

I was afraid and sad now,
the string vanishes into dust
whenever you move away.
Would you turn around and move on now?
Anxious I was.

Your eyes pierced into mine
You nodded, assured me.
It is happening dear.
It is not our dream,
This is for real, she whispered.

Written for a lovely prompt : When my dreams bleed into reality. 

Arigato 🙂

[ My attempts at poetry are like a little boy’s attempt of weaving together words with affections and dreams. :P]


I was squatting upon the branch of a tree, looking for a flock to land on the lake near by. One fleet of stocks landed on the waters to have their feed. Like them I was also waiting for my hunt for the day. I took aim at one of the big ones. Suddenly they all took off into the blue sky. I looked below the tree. A procession of monks were crossing the lakeside, chanting loudly, ” Buddham Sharanam Gachami… Buddham Sharanam Gachami…

I shouted at them, ” What have you done, you silly monks. I have lost my prey because of your chanting. Now, how will I feed my stomach today ?”

One of them came forward and replied, ” Sorry for disturbing my brother. But why so much rage against the poor birds ? What use is of this violence ? Let them live. Let yourself live without such grave burden”

“Hahaha….silly monk. How would I live if I let them live ?  Life feeds on life. And I would like to live. ” I retorted at his silly argument.

“As Buddha says, Life is such. But I request you to leave this violent way. Nature will take care of everyone. You can share our alms for today.”

He offered me a share of his alms – rice and some fruits. I got down from the tree-top and partook the food. I was very hungry and started chomping the fruits then and there.

Looking at me with a serene smile on his face, the monk said ,” Throw away your anger like the remains of that fruit. Your life will be much pleasant journey then.”

Saying that the group started back their chanting and moved on from the lakeside.

I threw away the remains of the fruit, completely clueless about what he meant. One flock of cranes landed in the lake. My stomach was satisfied for now, but not of my wife and child. I pulled the bow’s string, took an aim, made a kill shot. Their bellies will be full today.


Yama called me forth and looked at my soul with his cold and dead eyes. He was dictating Chitragupta something, glancing at me in short pauses. I looked behind the big black gate bordered with gold & silver plating. Its splendour was overtaken by its grimness. I looked behind the door – some Yamdoots were filling a pool with black greasy oily liquid. I remembered the childhood stories of ones body fried in oil afterlife – but there was no fire or any utensil.

My curiosity took hold of my soul and I asked Yama directly, ” What are they filling that pool with ? and what is that liquid for ?”

Yama tilted his head back and came back to me, ” It is fat-oil of the animals , they are going to bath you with it.”

Still confused,I sheepishly asked again, ” But why are you bathing me with animal oil ? Is that all one has to go through after death ?”

A glorious laughter resounded the hellish abode, Yama explained, ” That animal oil is from all those creatures you killed in your lifetime. And those arrows are all those arrows that you used to pierce those poor beings. With all your anger you have filled your life with – we will fire the hearth below the pool. Then you will be pierced with those arrows and then put inside the boiling grease. According to Chitraguptas’ calculation it requires that you be fried till three-forth of an eon.”

I was dumbstruck, baffled and shivering at the grim picture Yama just painted for me. I was paralysed from my bony toes to my strands of grey hair.
I recalled that incident near the lake side – the procession of the monks. Now I understood what he meant by throwing away my anger. Why in the heaven did I not take their advice ? Why? ….

….”WHY????” (I screamed inside)

– Arigato

This post is part of the Dungeon Prompt Season 2 : Anger Management. Other contributors list will be posted below after the end of the prompt week.

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P.S – I wanted to just write a story on it. Lately, I have been working on things and failing at them at the last stage of work. It gets really frustrating and I get angry a lot. It is hard to control anger or should I say throw it away.



So I am posting my short story today. I wrote it last year and wanted to post it soon but procrastination is a bitch.

Check it out and please please please be honest with me.

I would love to have your feedback on it.

Help me improve the presentation skill with your tips if you may.(Should have I made a first cover page for it ?)

And also let me know – would you like the story to continue into a full length thriller novel?? I am not having any plot yet. It would be really interesting to expand the whole story. 😀

Arigato 🙂

Click the link below to read the pdf file :-


Or link for the google drive file :


P.S – If I have ever emailed you, you know who politesaint aka PS is 😉

The Mirror

“You remember you told me that I am your confidante.Don’t you?”

“Yes, I trust you with all the crazy secrets and personal feelings”

Smiling & little concerned, he was confused whether to put the question or not. The time has come to confront the last issue which may create, so deep a chasm between them that they may never talk again.

Mustering all his courage he put forth the incredulous possibility to her, ” Have you ever considered the fact that you have never met me in person. So, I may be just a lucid illusion, an Artificial Intelligence or just a figment of your imagination?

What?!…….. What do you mean?…… That…….. I have been letting all my inner feelings & thoughts to…….. a non-human being.” Confused she spoke in broken sentences. She found that there was a sense sincerity in his statement.’Was he telling the truth’ she wondered.

“No, you cant speak so spontaneously to me if you are an AI or machine or program of some sort. Moreover, I am almost disconnected from the virtual grid. You are a real person – don’t trick me into one of your fantasies.”

He laughed at her and replied,” Yes, the possibility of an AI can be rejected,now. And I am not conjuring any fantasy of sort.”
His tone became serious, ” But consider that possibility from a clear mind. Don’t deny the truth in that statement. For that I know my reality – the non-existence of any entity like me. I am unreal, don’t you think?

She was left brooding after reading his words on the glass monitor held in her hand. She considered all the possibility and each time she came to a conclusion that he may be just an illusion. All the facts about him can be produced from anyone. And his thoughts & mind always felt like her own. As if he was a part of her, not a whole part, instead a distorted whole of her. His reactions & response were completely different from any other person she met in real. Her eyes widened & she noticed that all his reaction seemed to be her own. Responses which was her, may be originating in her subconscious or unconscious being. She was startled at the realization. She was getting anxious & agitated from inside. All this time she was talking to an illusion.

“No….No….you have to be real. I deny your crazy proposition. You are tricking me into your story,after all you know so much about me.”

“Don’t worry dear, you will be alright. It’s time to let me go.” He messaged her.

“Don’t go away. Don’t leave me isolated. Please, don’t do this.”, She wanted to talk with him more.She didn’t want the end of it.

The screen-light turned off. Her eyes looked at the black glass screen in her hand. Slowly, the black screen widened & engulfed the whole sight.


Little Eris opened her eyes. She looked around in the dim-lighted room. It was a simple room of the castle, not ostentatious a bit. There lay only the bed, a table, a lighted candle and a disfigured mirror in the room. Eris got up from the bed and sat in front of the mirror. The reflecting surface of the mirror moved around its hinges as if to look down to the girl.

“Hey! EeerrIss “ Eris addressed the image in the mirror in excitement & cheerfulness. The mirror tilted a little in her response.

“I saw this amazing vision today in my dream. Will you like to listen about it ??”. Mirror nodded in response. Eris started narrating the story of the girl in her dream.

The Mirror was her refuge from all the dreams she had. Well, those dreams were the life of Little Eris. The mirror disfigured more and more each day as she was growing older. In some way, it hoped that the little Eris can handle it all, when one day it will crumble under the stories she narrated to it everyday.

Arigato 🙂

The post is part of the Dungeon Prompt : Seeking Refuge.
I was reading some Science Fiction of late, just to be fresh, while keeping up with all the serious studies. So, tried my hand at this looped up fantasy. 😀 I will also write the reviews of all those books in December month.

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It was autumn.

“I want to be emotionless. Turn into a strong rock which will not react to any feelings.”

Thus spake the green Tree standing on the hill top. Watching the leaves, leaving the stems & falling down with each draft of breeze. Fruits have already been plucked from it and now, the greens are also leaving it. It wished that this loss be stopped forever. It was filled with melancholy & gloom.

It looked around to find a solution. Looking at the humans moving around in their boxes, it decided to protect the precious greens in boxes. It started boxing parts of itself from external forces. It boxed each new bud on its branches. It shew away the humans who came to pluck the fruits. Scared off the children away from it. In its goal to achieve rock like form – it covered all the greenery inside the boxes. It even stopped the roots to drink from the strange underground waters. Barriers were made for any force which may hurt it.
It only required the breeze, rain water & sunlight for its survival – and so it survived on them.

It was spring.

The Tree was delighted. It was the time for blooming flowers, budding seeds, hanging fruits, buzzing bees and chirping birds.
It was overwhelmed, looking at all the joy & green every where around. Though, it waited for some sweet bird to sit on its branch  & sing for him. Only crows came to sit on the boxes it has built. Not even a single bee came near the tree. There was no budding saplings around it. There was no sweet fragrance in the air.
Still, tree was complacent with just looking at others.

It was autumn again.

The Tree was excited to look inside the boxes. To get assured that not a single leaf falls this time. No sorrow should befall on it. It peeked into one of the boxes.

The Tree was devastated. There was nothing inside the box except foul smell & dust. Aghast at the sight, it realized that it secluded itself so deeply from everything that nothing bloomed on it. It became callous of even its own happiness. It got used to the absence of emotions & feelings. It shook off all the boxes & barriers it made for itself. And there it stood on the hill top – dark,black,rough,creepy, leaf-less,fruit-less, life-less – finally resembling a rock. It succeeded in its goal.

At this point, it started to cry and for days it cried.

Camera 360

“Hahaha…” ringed the ears of the tree. It was a Rock which was hanging near the tip of a cliff. Tree was confused at the laughter.
” You are a tree, right? Why do you look like me but still you are not me?”, asked the Rock.
“I wanted to be emotionless. I wanted to be like a rock. And now I have turned into one.” replied the Tree.
“Ha Ha Ha…” Rock went on with the hysterical laughter. Slowly tears also started pouring from it, while it kept on laughing.
“Listen you fool, listen to my story….”, the Rock said to the Tree.
“I used to be part of this unyielding hill, then one day I broke away from it. I wanted to be stronger than him. I went your way & placed barriers around me. I became a cold, edgy piece of earth. Then one day,a Sage came this way. He sat on top of me & started hitting me. Slowly, he destroyed all my barriers. He showed me the secret to be alive while being a rock. He pointed me to you – the earlier greener you. He said that as a tree grows each year bearing new leaves & fruits – you have to grow. Tree faces all the adversities of the nature and humans. Each season makes it more stronger helps it get over the periods of grief. And such you have to become – face the lashes of nature to become strong like this hill. Both the Tree & the hill will vanish from existence someday. What would matter will be the number of seasons they have seen. With each season they grow stronger, and so you have to grow stronger….”

The Rock went on with its story. Telling the Tree how the Sage transformed it. To handle emotions one need not leave the world. The world will make one strong and brave enough to face the life. Life never stops. Only choice one has is to balance the shades of emotions. Either by putting them into boxes or by growing up strong.

Soon, it was Spring season.

The Tree saw thousands of tiny green leaf buds filling his dead-looking branches. It looked at the Rock. The Rock had a small dandelion blooming over it. They smiled at each other and enjoyed the fresh breeze of life.

[Balanced life is to keep on growing from Autumn to Spring and from Spring to Autumn.]

Arigato 🙂

P.S – This post is part of Dungeon Prompt : Balance and the Art of Succeeding in an All or Nothing World. I am not sure whether I justified the prompt or not. UPDATE – Other contributors of the prompt :

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Daily Prompt: Procrastination

G: Aah! something you are so familiar with, something which you relish in, something which has become a close part of your life.
M: No, No, No – I have never done it. I am always in flux, doing something all the time.

G : Ha-Ha!! (hysterical laugh) You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to me. You can not rationalize your acts of dullness, your acts of nothingness.
M: I never rationalize my acts. I do what I do & I don’t think about it. Like see right now – I am writing this blog post.

G: Actually, you are not writing this post. I am doing it. You were only trying it for 3 days. Finding other stuff to do so that you can get away with it. And let’s see what you did before I accepted to help you out on this. You were sleeping, pretending to read, sleeping, reading & again sleeping. What a big liar & a hypocrite are you!
M: I was not thinking while sleeping. I was having ideas to mull on. Dreaming lets your imagination wander around the impossibilities. It’s a hard & tedious mental exercise.

G: And its done while sleeping. So there is no loss of energy.Right. *Huh*
M: Exactly! Isn’t it energy conserving. Am I not smart.(winks) 🙂

G: You dimwit,fickle-minded,indecisive, morose & a pathetic irresponsible being. I will teach you discipline. Now get up, open the prompt & start writing.
M: No can’t Do, Boss. I need to imagine something colorful & gorgeous in my dreams.  I am going back to bed. Moreover, you are just a puny part of me, you can’t make me do things.

G: Oh really! we’ll see about that. Or should I say – you will see.
(Goes to bed, keeps changing positions, closes his eyes, tries to start a fantasy in his mind, couldn’t carry on)
M: You are such an irritating little piece of shit. Let me sleep. Will you? I don’t want to see all that blood & gore stuff.
*No replies*
(Attempts again to sleep. Unsuccessful again – doesn’t leaves it there. Tries hard to sleep. Finally, he starts dreaming beautiful designs – filled with ideas)

M: Wow! I had such an awesome dream. I have to write it down. Where have I kept my pad & pen??
G: (whispers) Laptop is open. Click on the browser.
M: Aha! yes, that will be better. I will put it in my blog. Thanks Boss.
G: (And he thinks it’s all his doing. Such a foolish kid. He learns fast. He will come into the line soon) 😀 😀
M: See, And you say I was procrastinating. You petty piece of mental being.

Arigato 🙂