Hi I am Praveen Sinha. This is my personal web-log where i keep & share my ideas and thoughts on many things or life as usual. The things which i intellectualize about, things which don’t let me sleep at night, things which just want to come out of my head.
I am also a computer graphics junkie. So i try to post some stuff i try my hands on. I have a dream to become a good CG artist, not necessarily professionally.
I like to read non-fiction books, real life stories, business books , psychology books e.t.c. Sometimes i even read hyped up fiction novels. So i write personal book reviews. It helps me catalogue my reads.

I think that is all this blog has now. I am trying to create my own design for blog and host seprately. Hopefully by end of this year.(or next)

email :  praveen200sinha@gmail.com

To know more about me visit:

Facebook Profile [click]

Good Reads: [click]

Twitter(Sorry stopped tweeting)

Also visit my Fb page : The Bounded & the Broken[link]

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for being together with us on this book/s journey so far. It has been an honour. We have moved & have a new home now. Request you to kindly visit http://thetalespensieve.com & follow us via email or RSS feeds (the links are available at the bottom of the page)

    Hope to see you amidst The Tales in the Pensieve, Again. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marlyn :D, I am delighted to be featured on your blog. And also thanks for showing me how can I use my blog posts to tell about myself.
      (Sorry for late reply, I was travelling)

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