Thanks to..

Thank you so much Marlyn for making me part of your ‘Spotlight’.

I am grateful for that. I hope I can keep up with the standards & keep on doing my work.

Check out Spotlight – @

Marlyn writes beautiful poems. She makes abstract & lovely images and writes poem on them. The lines do the talking while the image captures your mind. Some images completely takes you to some distant dreamy place.

Below is one of her works.

Do check the other favourites of Marlyn. 🙂 They are inspiring & creative people. Her Spotlight initiative is a great step to discover new inspiring individuals.

Thanks Again Marlyn for featuring me. And I will get back to the drawing & graphics part.

P.S – I was busy travelling around for the last few days. Plus my laptops’ charger also broke down. I have so much data & posts to go through now. I am completely swamped. I can not even make out where should i start from. Everything is on stall. This post will be a start. Good to start with a Thank you note. 🙂

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