15 more days…

Yesterday I realized, only half a month is left for next year to knock at the doors.

Then I searched for what I was writing and thinking last year around the same time. Last year, i decided to act & start doing things which I would like to do and not make excuses for them. Now when I check them I ask myself – how far I acted on them?

Check this – for last year in view

I know I have again faltered on so many deadlines & projects which I wanted to complete by the end of this year.

But before I answer the question about ‘How Far’ – I looked again at the calender. I have 15 more days to go. I can walk, actually run, in these coming days to cover more ground before the year ends.

Right now I am working on designing this blog theme from scratch, more of hack it. It will be simple in interface and little bit weird on design part. You must have seen the side bar has suddenly missing many widgets – I accidentally removed them. I am not interested in putting them now. I am just looking for basic functionality I need for this blog.

Plus I am reading, a lot. I have to finish as many books(i think 7-9 books) as possible before the year end.

And I am writing also – here & in my log & in my rough drafts for short stories and novels.

Finally, socializing & travelling. I will be moving around in the coming few months. It will be fun. I will have more stories to reflect my stories.

15 more days to go then. Start enjoying the festivities. 🙂 🙂 🙂


P.S – How far I covered my path will be posted in the new year guys.


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