Breaking Ice

I so much wanted to blog in the last three days. Resistance won the last three days from me.

I started playing the League of Legends that day & the addiction again took its root.  I even forgot to wrote my logs; procrastinated on reading the books & even blogs and articles.

I thought that I would write better posts this time with least grammar mistake(if you find any even in this short post, do point out!). It was just an excuse for me to keep away from writing. I opened WordPress thrice to write ‘new post’, but I started playing the game & left it. This time I thought, I will just post a rant to break the dam.

I have many post ideas waiting in line & something I wrote – a short story. I would post it soon. 🙂

For now check this attempt at double exposure style of photo manipulation. Its fine as a first attempt. Tried some more after this but failed – there was no improvement in them.



I have so many things planned. I hope I execute them. I will put them here also.

Arigato 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breaking Ice

    1. Hmm…Good idea but then I have to teach the standards for the image. And most of the things I create are out of play, nothing is fixed – there is no standard way. I use what ever works to get the effect. 😛 🙂 Not an expert yet. *sigh*

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