Stone in the Sky

You rise & fall with the distance
You change your tide in its presence
Don’t twist & turn at its sight
You have a heart like a crystal blue
You are the Ocean of this world
Don’t be so restless & don’t cry
It is only a stone in the sky

It gives you the company in the dark nights
But it waxes & wanes in plain sight
The white light is cool & dry
As always you have liked
You think it is your heart
You want to dance at its beats
Don’t be at its mercy because
It is only a stone in the sky

Look at your horizons at the rising star
It is the sun who gives you light
In its blazing core the fire lives
Like your soul it eternally shines
Feel its warmth & share its might
Only it can give the strength to walk the night
It is the provider of your moons’ luminous bright
After all, Moon is only a stone in the sky

Arigato. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stone in the Sky

  1. Moon doesn’t have any light of its own. It’s truly only a large stone. But appearances can be deceptive and it seems like a glowing ball of light. That’s why we should not believe in everything we see (esp. the ones that are beautiful and glowing).

    Destination Infinity

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