Pocket Diary – 17

I missed the post on 30th. Time is flying by for me. A week passes & I feel nothing happened in that week. It is over like a dream. And sometimes It is like living 2-3 days in a single day. 😛
This post is not a rant one – its from pocket diary. So…

From the movie ‘Secret in their Eyes’, ” Justice is nothing but an Island. This is the real World.”

The word ‘justice’ has been delimited by the semantics of the current time,place & people. It is the written laws which define what justice means. The World has its own meaning of ‘Justice’. Its means the moral human actions which leaves one with clear conscious. Its the ‘Dharma’ as a human being not as a citizen of a bounded region.

” While philosophy is struggling for human emancipation, economics( or political economy) has been working out a new formula of ‘Corporate Cannibalism’.

Read it in a book about Ethics. It was revealing to find how the approach to economical theory & philosophical theory differs from each other. And how in today’s world – the economical theory is considered as a philosophical truth to reconcile with. It is like a machine showing probability of occurring an event & people start considering it as a prophecy. The machine becomes an oracle or a God of a sort.

From the novel ‘Pavid Pavillion’,” Confusion is the first mile in the cross-country race to serenity.”

So who wants to reach the serenity? It is a fact that I believe in. You have to swim through the fog to reach the shores(specially when the shores are unknown).

Franklin Knight Lane,” A public office is not a job, it is an opportunity to do something for the public.”

You know when you find people condemning the public services & office, I would like this question to them. Consider that you have been given all the powers of an IAS officer & as I assume that you won’t be doing any of those things you are condemning them for – so what will you do with all that power & authority? Tell me that and if I ever become one I will try to do that.

I would like to have your thoughts on them. 😀

Arigato 🙂


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