Ethics, Business and Society

I was lazying around with this one. Only took 6hr long stint.

Ethics, Business and Society: Managing Responsibly

Edited By Anana Das Gupta

Rating: 4/5

There are some books which can be read both for pleasure and for knowledge. Well, I get pleasure in reading such stuff. This book is really well presented and easily readable.

The book is a compilation of papers & articles written by prominent contributors like N.Balasubramanian, Parthasarathi Banerjee, Arindam Banik and others. The book is divided into two Sections .

First section presents the broader canvas on Society,Business and Ethics.The basic concepts can be understood very easily from the first paper. The relations & connections are presented in such a manner that anybody can grasp it. Second chapter covers the continuum of changing definition of Governance & Economic Development. The next six chapters give different case studies on topics of Corporate Philanthropy, CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility), Technical Education, Management Education and Civil Society.

Second section is concerned with the future vision and role of Ethics in Business and CSR.  Stakeholder management promotion of CSR by Usha Jumani is interesting & illuminating. Next two chapters deal with perspectives in Environment and Science & Tech. Prasad Kaipa’s Indian Model of Leadership pointed to many ignored points but there is no clear solutions stated there. Any suggestions would have been appreciable. The chapter on Gandhian Perspective provides a rejuvenated outlook for Gandhi’s viewpoint in the present context of Business & Government ethics. The last chapter makes a point about importance of having independent directors on the company board.

This is a really good book to gain some insight about topics of ethics,CSR e.t.c. I would surely recommend it to anyone interested in non-fiction books.

From point of UPSC preparation, GS-4 paper – this book may or may not help. There is no clarity about GS4 paper this year. So it doesn’t hurt to have some more knowledge. If you have time, you can go through it. At least you will have better perspective on the same issues, plus there are some suggestions provided in the case studies.

Check it if you are interested.

Arigato 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ethics, Business and Society

  1. The topic seems interesting, but the actual picture within each company is different. There are certain things that companies cannot do – Like doing good to the society without expecting anything in return (CSR), etc.

    Also, Govt. is trying to force CSR on to companies that are basically socially irresponsible, which I don’t see as a good trend.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Agree with Ashwini, many corporates do CSR just for the heck of it! I remember reading about a bill where it is mandatory for companies with over 1000 crore turnover to spend 2% of net profit on CSR. I wonder if this rule is followed by the rich companies!

    1. If you are big then you can be monitored easily. They might be doing the CSR washing to there activities. Even, I don’t believe that they are doing their part faithfully. 😛

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