Daily Prompt: Procrastination

G: Aah! something you are so familiar with, something which you relish in, something which has become a close part of your life.
M: No, No, No – I have never done it. I am always in flux, doing something all the time.

G : Ha-Ha!! (hysterical laugh) You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to me. You can not rationalize your acts of dullness, your acts of nothingness.
M: I never rationalize my acts. I do what I do & I don’t think about it. Like see right now – I am writing this blog post.

G: Actually, you are not writing this post. I am doing it. You were only trying it for 3 days. Finding other stuff to do so that you can get away with it. And let’s see what you did before I accepted to help you out on this. You were sleeping, pretending to read, sleeping, reading & again sleeping. What a big liar & a hypocrite are you!
M: I was not thinking while sleeping. I was having ideas to mull on. Dreaming lets your imagination wander around the impossibilities. It’s a hard & tedious mental exercise.

G: And its done while sleeping. So there is no loss of energy.Right. *Huh*
M: Exactly! Isn’t it energy conserving. Am I not smart.(winks) 🙂

G: You dimwit,fickle-minded,indecisive, morose & a pathetic irresponsible being. I will teach you discipline. Now get up, open the prompt & start writing.
M: No can’t Do, Boss. I need to imagine something colorful & gorgeous in my dreams.  I am going back to bed. Moreover, you are just a puny part of me, you can’t make me do things.

G: Oh really! we’ll see about that. Or should I say – you will see.
(Goes to bed, keeps changing positions, closes his eyes, tries to start a fantasy in his mind, couldn’t carry on)
M: You are such an irritating little piece of shit. Let me sleep. Will you? I don’t want to see all that blood & gore stuff.
*No replies*
(Attempts again to sleep. Unsuccessful again – doesn’t leaves it there. Tries hard to sleep. Finally, he starts dreaming beautiful designs – filled with ideas)

M: Wow! I had such an awesome dream. I have to write it down. Where have I kept my pad & pen??
G: (whispers) Laptop is open. Click on the browser.
M: Aha! yes, that will be better. I will put it in my blog. Thanks Boss.
G: (And he thinks it’s all his doing. Such a foolish kid. He learns fast. He will come into the line soon) 😀 😀
M: See, And you say I was procrastinating. You petty piece of mental being.

Arigato 🙂


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