Am I a…

I wrote a line on my status yesterday – ” Humans are Fish & they fly above the clouds “.
You can take/derive what ever you want from the above line. For me, its one of my fantasist imagination which comes to me often or sort of regularly.
Below is something what I came up with, while thinking about that state.

 Above the clouds the celestial ocean lies
 In the blissful light, the soul flies
 Looking up at the Earth , smiling with the eyes
 Trying to pull me into the waters
 To share the rays eternal
 I turn him down, lock myself up
 Afraid of the shining, which may burn me away
 to the Ashes of non-existence & nothingness
 Again & again raising the question:
 A piece of Flesh with a soulful heart, Am I?
 Or a Phoenix that will again rise.

Arigato. 🙂

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