Yeah, I mean the ‘Menstruating Periods’ of women by the title of this post.
I have started with my preparations. It is moving like a tortoise, sleeping inside the shell more, than walking forward.

There is a connection between the two. I was again checking the post about Mr. Murugantham. It led me to something I read in the Book of women’ by Osho. About Men also having cycle of emotion like the female natural cycle of menstruation. It was not about physical differences about male & female bodies. It was about the masculine & feminine qualities present, in different proportions, in each human body. I recalled something same from my first blog, when I was in college time.

My friend & I used to observe our study moods & daily activities. It went for a month & two. We found that we had a pattern in our actions/reactions. After some event occurred or any task was finished, we went through almost the same pattern every time. We would celebrate with some outing or would have a feast. After that we would pass our time watching movies, serials, TV shows. Then the boredom phase would start, we would sleep 10-16hr in a day or would not do anything at all. Then the guilt will start building up, feeling of disgust & loathing would follow. We would realize that we were in a rut & would look to others for some help/support/motivation. And then ,suddenly, we would start doing the productive stuff – reading at length for hours, studying course-books, talking about serious stuff.
Soon we forgot about the pattern & went our way without using it to our benefit.

Now, the pattern has changed considerably with many similarities. 😛
I have got many more lateral goals, some serious goals & the usual daily chores. I am writing this as I have again started to observe my pattern & note it down this time. I am aware about this pattern & I use it to my profit in case of tight schedules. Like preparing for an exam in a month or few weeks. And I think I am in such condition with stacks of study materials building up.

I thought of sharing the pattern here, but now I have decided against it. Well, you can guess what it will be like from my college pattern. Patterns Repeat.


(When you know you are crazy & smart. That’s what you do.)

You should also know about your periodical cycle. It helps a lot in increasing your productivity.

When I have figured out my pattern – you may find me sleeping, wasting time for weeks if the exam is far away. Because I like to rest (or I am lazy).And when the time will come you may catch me on a bad day – eating unhealthy oily food, watching movie/series, in a messy room, depressed & demotivated, wasting my time. But it will be only that single day & for the rest – you will not see me as I will be sitting on my desk, doing my work, alone in my room.
This time I think I will start early with increased productivity as I want to clear UPSC this year itself. I want to make it my final attempt. 🙂

You can find similar suggestions if you are into something creative. Or when you are an engineering student in India. 😀

Arigato 🙂

P.S – the image is by Jessica Hagy. Check her quirky drawings at


6 thoughts on “Periods

  1. It’s mostly down to the lunar cycle – the moon influences human and animal behaviour and it’s been proven that a full moon, for example is particularly influential. I’m sure you can find lots of interesting articles which are more scientific than my comments!

      1. The tides are governed by the moon as are women’s menstrual cycles, but men are somehow immune?! Unless of course, he happens to be a werewolf … :-).

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