The Road To Gandolfo

Only one more thriller left to read after this one.  Then I will be back to the non-fictions.

The Road to Gandolfo

By Robert Ludlum

Rating: 3.5/5

Second one of Robert Ludlum thrillers I have read recently. And I will prefer Ludlums’ books anytime. His every work can easily be visualized & almost everyone of them will give you the feel like the Bourne series(movie).  One can easily picture the whole action & maneuvers written in the book. And the climax can not be easily pointed up till the last chapters.

The book is divided into four parts.Parts are not separated discreetly, they are just the continuation of the story-line. The protagonist is General Hawkins, a spy & a veteran agent. His entry is very exciting filled with rambo-style action. He is a one-man army. He get’s captured by the Chinese govt. US govt. cuts him down from the services & retired him. General Sam helps in achieving the closure. Part one closes. Part Two starts with Sam, founding himself in middle of Hawks’ Big Plan. Then comes the paced & exhilarating part of Sam, collecting the signs of dangerous people around the world . The document was to get a funding of 4 million $ for the big Plan. The third part, puts in the snapshots for what the Big Plan will involve. The Pope was the center of the whole Plan. And then finally,….(better read the book – I am not spoiling the climax).

The plot was really good, but the pace of the story looked humdrum at few occasions. The story is written as Gen Sam is narrating the plot. It is just like a movie being played in front of you. I can’t say much on the writing skill – Robert Ludlum is already so high on such scales. One point, did upset me – the final chapter doesn’t present a clear picture. What actually happened at the end & why Gen Hawk did what he did & how the events turn up? I will have to reread the last chapter.

So for the fans of Robert Ludlum, it’s a good one. And even for the non-fans, I will recommend it to you. It is irresistible & entertaining .


P.S – I really have to improve my reviews of the fiction novels. I will still go with this one as its tiring to update it or you can say I am lazy.  😛


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