The Body of David Hayes

Thrillers are fast to finish. I wanted to let my nerves relax a little before taking a serious text-book. Yeah! thrillers relaxes my nerves. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Body of David Hayes

By Ridley Pearson

Rating: 3/5

This is the first book that I have read by Ridley Pearson. Didn’t had any pre-conceived notions about him. After reading the novel, I think he is in between ย bronze & silver for me. One can’t judge by reading a single work.
Its getting hard to review thrillers for me, the way I want to review it spoils the plot. I need some lateral thought on writing better reviews of fictions. :/

The starting chapters looks like knotted tangled thread. It takes time to settle with all the details & characters pushed so early. The story starts with a crime scene, turning out to be a dig in the past. One of a convicted suspect,David Hayes, in a seven year old case comes out on payroll and all the other people involved earlier start surfacing up in the plot. The main protagonist ,Lou Boldt, starts investigating the case. He has a personal motive as his wife was having affairs with the Hayes before he got convicted. The case was about a big-time embezzlement from an account which was never traced. The Russian Mafiosi gets involved , pushing to get their money back. David makes contact with Liz Boldt again & she also gets involved in the whole set-up. Police try to catch David into traps involving Liz at stake. Lou, trying to save his marriage, goes on his own & his close friends to save her. The climax is as expected, with Boldts’ sitting together with their family.
And there is no ‘Body’ of ‘David Hayes’ – playing any role as such.

I felt the story-telling pretty average. There seldom rose any situations which will give you any adrenaline rush. The only exciting part comes in the last-third part of the book. The narrative is slow, intermingled with family issues & past deeds. It was like watching a 90s detective thriller, blase for my taste. The detailing of environments seems uncalled for as they are seldom utilized anywhere. They were there only to provide a visual picture to the readers. The language used was good for the thrillers.

It was more filled with suspense of how the game will play out. There was nothing hiding behind the curtains. Any thrill was rarely present, even it was not pacing enough. After reading Sidney Sheldon just before this one – it doesn’t fare well in comparison.

Pick it up if you like to spend some time leisurely in some lazy suspense.

Arigato. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S – a Deja Vu moment after I published this post.


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