The Doomsday Conspiracy

I am always ready to use up my time reading a fast pace thriller. what is required is the fleeting free time – to relish such stories.

The Doomsday Conspiracy

By Sidney Sheldon

Rating: 4/5

I should have been reading my course-material for tomorrows test but couldn’t put it down. I thought it would be again some ‘Secret Agent’ thriller trailing all around the world & US. And it was like that only with a huge difference. The difference was – Sidney Sheldon. This is the third one i have read so far & each and every one was un-put-down-able. He is master of thrillers – in future i will pick up his work without any second thoughts.

The protagonist is a NSA agent, Commander Robert, who was also an ex-Viet veteran. He gets a simple mission to track few people in Switzerland, though without any leads on them. He does that easily, and one by one they all start dying. They were terminated by a secret world organization which was trying to hide the crash site of an UFO. All this is presented early on, so there is no jack-in-the-box moment about there motives. You will know what will happen to each one & to the protagonist. After all the witness are terminated and next in line is our protagonist. The story picks up into Spy-vs-All Spy chase. I wouldn’t spoil the climax because once you start reading it – you already have it in your head.

The feature which keeps this book abreast is the story-telling. It will be like watching a movie. You will never leave it until you finish it. The love-angle of the protagonist has been so efficiently used to keep up the scenes. Every piece of information was placed there to pique the story in the direction reader wants & then it changes the route mid-way. There is the UFO angle but in between the trail, you will totally forget about them.

This is an amazing book to read. I would surely recommend it to anyone.

Arigato 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Doomsday Conspiracy

  1. I have read this one when I was doing my MBA… a long time ago. I love Sidney Sheldon’s books. Have you read his latest books which are actually written by Tilly Bagshawe in an inimitable Sheldon style?

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