Completing them

I know many bloggers start some challenge like ’30-day marathon’ , ‘100-words challenge’ e.t.c. Also there are many contests & challenges provided by sites like or & likes. They do help to create a habit of blogging & keeps one writing.

Lately, many product companies have started incentive contests for bloggers.  I understand that they are more of marketing gimmicks. Personally, i am not interested in them. But some of them are great & do light up ones creative fire. For example blogaddas’s ‘Write over Weekend’ challenge.

This post is about my failures to participate in them successfully. My schedule doesn’t allows me to participate in the daily- blog post challenges but I like the occasional ones. I decided to take up the following contests, check them if you like :

Indian Bloggers Award – Its too far fetched for me. But it costs nothing to take part.

Idea Caravan – Watch a video & write about it.
I love the TEDx events, and I got a whole collection of ones I like. I always mull over the ideas presented. This one I thought will be same, I just have to write a post on it.

Pick a book – Pick a book & write its review. (this one still not clear to me)

BlogAdda Awards – No harm in participating. 😛

All that matters is – Win entry to INKTalks 2013.
As I like TED events, and I wish to attend one in future. This one is interesting.

Be Bold Stay Real – receive a signed copy of ‘Shantaram’.
A challenging contest to practice the creative muscles along with sense of reality.

Tales Pensieve – check out these Tales Pensieve contests
I am interested in the Virgin Flash Fiction contest.

And then there is always the weekend challenges of blogadda.

So what about it??

Actually, I never finish any of them. I start forming an idea & brood over it. But after some gap, its gone.*poof* *poof*
I end up not writing any of it. I procrastinate or simple forget them. And few are over the head for me -I can’t make myself write anything. They are really hard.
I am trying to improve my story-telling skill. So, I write one draft copy or few incomplete paragraphs and then they never see the light. I criticize them & then delete them.
You remember the ‘#amWriting’ poster series –  left it unfinished. How can I complete,let alone compete in, the above challenges – if I can’t even complete my personal projects. 😦

I checked my SHSF- Stay Hungry Stay Foolish series. It’s in archives now. Last post was in March(4 months gap). I find piece of papers with something noted on it whenever I check my bags or pick some old books. And I again leave them there. 😦

Lately, I have been feeling a little down. 😦 I am again in the ‘hazy’ & ‘confused’ phase, and not able to focus on my studies also.(There is no relationship issues, okay 😛 ). I thought, writing something successfully may lift up the mood. And I am hardly coping up – trying to swim in the sea. Also, it has been pointed to me how I am spreading myself thin. Trying to put my fingers in every pie I like. The way I see it is that, my priority structure has broken into a complex mesh. It will take ample amount of effort & time to sort it back into some hierarchy.

I need some help. I know some of my readers do take those contest & succeed on them. Please help me with your advice. Some of it may help me take-off.

Arigato 🙂

P.S – Putting all this out eases my mind a little. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Completing them

  1. I participate in some of these contests very rarely, only if the topic interests me and stirs the creative juices in me. Otherwise I don’t bother, as these contests are held to just increase visibility for various brands. One suggestion from me is, you don’t have to always write something – One of my friends did a stop-motion animation youtube video and got a special mention. You can do such different things to get attention (and become more creative).

    Destination Infinity

  2. Agree, while most contests are marketing gimmicks, there are a few which are interesting, challenging and creative. Since you are busy with your projects / studies, why dont you allocate some time to write too… I believe writing is a fab creative vent. Try that… start with writing 3 -4 times a week and in time you’ ll be taking up daily blogging challenges too 😉

    1. You are amazing at the daily challenges. You never miss any.I wish I had your capability to keep on writing.
      I decided to write 3-4 times but something happens & the schedule gets disturbed.Wel, I am trying to get hold of it.:)
      Thanks Shilpa

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