History of the World

Here is another short review of a text-book

History of the World : From late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Century

By Arjun Dev & Indira Arjun Dev

Rating: 4/5

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Arjun Dev is the author of NCERT textbooks on World History. This book is meant for undergraduate students of history & for international relations. Since the changes in UPSC mains syllabus – this one has become an essential on your table. Actually, I should have gone for the XI class school textbook but decided to get this one. They both are exactly same, there may be minor differences only.

About this textbook, its characterized by what any NCERT textbook are like – lucid,succinct and comprehensive. Its a power pack for learning world history. It starts with introduction to Pre-World War I scenario of the World. Then moves on to the events comprising the WWI. Then the next part describes the changes in world before the WWII begins. After that, the WWII description is followed by after WWII situation of the world.

The book first provides the introduction to the main incident & the reasons behind it. Then it goes on to explain the economic,social & political issues which led to the War. Also the condition of people & the economy during that period. Each European nation is given space explaining the condition of govt, people & workers there. Even Latin American countries exploitation along with Asian & African colonial rule has been showed light on.

The History extends till as recently as 2003 Iraq War by America. Though , in case of India it has stopped at the Non-Alignment Stance. I wished the recent changes in foreign policy should have been included in the text.

Well, it’s a must read book for UPSC examine-es.However, It do not covers the pre-WWI major events like French Revolution,American Independence,Inductrial Revolution…e.t.c. For them I would recommend reading Jain & Mathur‘s World History – It is complete as per UPSC new syllabus on World history. And if you want to have a short & succinct view of World History – pick it up. It will hardly take 2-3days. Although, this book is already in Class XI curriculum of CBSE based schools – you can get it from them also. 😉

Arigato 🙂

P.S – Lately,I have been posting only book-reviews. I am not getting much time to mull over my thoughts & put them into writing. I want to refine them before posting it here.  I am busy finishing one book after other, & trying to squeeze novels in-between. I think I am spreading myself thin.



2 thoughts on “History of the World

  1. Class XI History? I thought SSc (History, Geography, Civics) as a subject is taught only until Class X? Perhaps this is for students who take history as a specialization in Class XI?

    Destination Infinity

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