Cataplus Terror & Social Probs

I finished reading two books today. One of them was a Novel by Sidney Sheldon & another was a textbook by Ram Ahuja. The novel is really old so, its plot looks predictable(& old). And the there is not so much to review about the text-book because I felt it as useless. Thereby, I will review both in this post only.

1. Catoplus Terror

By Sidney Sheldon

Rating: 2.5/5

2013-06-30 22.01.31

The protagonist is an ex-CIA agent well known as the Mak-the-Knife. He gets an assignment by big Oil firms to find & eliminate the global terrorist named Carlos. He accepts it & gathers his team of ex-CIA agents. It was like that Bruce-Willis movie (RED or something). All oldies reminiscing old days & still able to shame the young agents. All the while Carlos seems to be on their tail. The plot moves on with phases with team members going all around the globe, finding clues & information. Finally when they come to the phase where Carlos will be caught – the surprise awaits you. Carlos was non-another than one of the team member. He had killed the real Carlos very early in his career & impersonated him. Slowly he got addicted & created a global terrorist named Carlos.

Well there you go. You can easily figure out the rest, I suppose.

By the by it was a good read. Go through it if you want a paced thriller placed in the era of 70s.

[I don’t understand though – why every Sydney Sheldon book of my father’s collection have some Girl on its cover. Makes no sense to me as per the story. 😛 Could be a marketing gig 🙂 ]

2. Social Problems in India

By Ram Ahuja

Rating: 1/5

Camera 360

I gave in to the buying frenzy, because most of the IAS coaching institutes recommended this book, it was selling like hot-cakes. I should have checked it first. A bad & useless buy.

The positive part of this book was the various definitions & case studies provided by the author. A basic understanding on how to view particular social problems. That will be all.
The fact that all the data & figures in the book are only up-till year 1997 makes this book as useless as it can get in year 2013. Even the suggestions provided has been put into place in the after years, so one has to analyze & criticize the developments themselves.

I will recommend you to not buy this book if you are taking it for General Studies preparation. Pick some-other book with current data, all the facts & datas & even info will be available in those also. I think it would be much better if you can just read articles from magazines & newspaper about those social problems. They are covered much better & much more relevant to UPSC.

Totally a NO-Buy book( unless the author publishes it with updated data)

Arigato 🙂



4 thoughts on “Cataplus Terror & Social Probs

  1. I felt that Sidney Shelton’s books were good, especially because I started reading them initially when I started to read thrillers. I like Michael Crighton and Arthur healey better. They write excellent thrillers.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I am reading fiction to get to my deadline :P.(Need to read 50books this year). I have noted Crighton & Healey, if I get new thrillers. 🙂

    1. I even can’t find it on the internet. Only one reference on 😛
      My father bought it in his youth. 🙂 Old piece of work

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