I did…

I have lost all the momentum I gathered before my prelims exam. My three day rule has been broken several times.

I am not writing posts that I want to write. I am putting fillers instead. This one is not a filler though.

Yesterday, some idea struck me and restlessness followed. Unable to concentrate on the text-book in front of me, I impulsively decided to put down the idea into reality. I walked to the book-shop, bought a notepad & a pen. Put on my music list. Started working on it.

Thanks to Steven Pressfield ‘s blog post. I decided to Turn Pro. Even if it was for a day or till the idea has taken its primate form – I turned Pro. I incessantly put up to it & finally finished it by 3 in the night(that day only). The refreshing feel after finishing a project is so amazing, that I was not sleepy at all. 😀 The body was tired though, as soon as I laid on the bed – I dozed off. The best part was that I poured every idea & filled most of the gaps and still finished it in a day. Though it needs a lot of tweaking, the fact is I have got a prototype/first draft/model finished.

I don’t want to disclose it now. Because I am being superstitious – I have informed only a few persons about it. Actually, I think it has some hope to become a reality. May be this hope is false or only transitory in nature, but I think its time to Turn Pro & bring it to life.

I will soon (means after a month or two) will show it. There is lots to do on the study side, so can’t squeeze much time for it. I will start tweaking it in a week or something. It will be seen to its finish, nothing will be abandoned.

It went from ‘Lets Do it’ phase to ‘I did it’ phase. Now I want it to get to ‘It exists’ phase.

Arigato 🙂

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