Almost ten days since I last wrote a post. Today also, I was thinking of skipping it. It seems will power succeeded over procrastination. As Steven Pressing says, ‘ the only way to come out of a rut is to come out of it’ . Dip can only be climbed with your dedicated action; waiting for somebody or something to come for you & throw in a rope is futile. Even then you are the one who has to force your way up,down or around the resistance.

This post is one of those action ,to help me, climb the wall.

Actually, I was busy with some worldly affairs – which was enough for throwing me off the track. I am getting back to the schedule, trying to stick to my personal deadlines. I even cheated on my 50-book deadline. I read the short-ebooks of S.A.Barton , three of them, to come close to my goal. πŸ˜›

That would be all I think. I lost most of my time going through my RSS feeds & Game of Thrones Season.(GOT is gawdly – I will beg you to watch it, please watch it)

The matter of fact is, I wrote a draft about GOT only.Well, it was more of peeking into the mind of the author.

When I was at home last month, I watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part – II. The train station scene, where Harry meets Dumbledore and their conversation follows. It was like witnessing the J.K Rowlings’ mindspace. How she got started with the story as the climax of the book became lucid in her mind.

However, when I try to perceive the mechanics of storytelling in R.R.Martins’ head – I am enthralled. I despise him for what he does to his readers. The only sure conclusion I come to is that he loves his readers and keeps them at there tows. He likes stabbing the readers not only on there backs but everywhere – chest,eyes,faces,balls…GOT is one of the best series I have come to witness – the story is Freakingly Awesome (I don’t have words). It comes so near the Epics of Indian Mythology. I hope, by some means, it comes to be merged into our already rich & vibrant stories.

Aah! title of this post was ‘ Excuse’ – I think the above can pass as a post. How may, one can always put it into the category of an excuse. As for me, I consider it as one of the rung to climb the plateau.

Keep Writing

Arigato πŸ™‚

P.S – the post may not look clear. I had to start after all.:)


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