The Matlock Paper

Books, Books and more Books for me this month and the coming one.Well, It’s the same whole year I think.:) Only the genres & utility changes. 😛

The Matlock Paper

By Robert Ludlum

Rating: 3.5/5

Due to my exams I have been pushed back in my reading list. So, just to keep up with the 50 books in 2013 target – I picked up some old fiction paperbacks(8 of them) from my father’s collection. Being hesitant of reading fiction, I don’t mind reading Thriller genre. And Robert Ludlum is one of the best & preferred author for it.

The novel deals with the organized crime brewing across the US through the educational institutes. The organization being involved in all type of illegal activities (drugs,prostitution,gambling…) was using the college students to expand their base & business. And the head of the organization is called ny the name Nimrod and the center of their operation lied at Carlyl,Connecticut . Then enters the Justice department with an covert investigation utilizing the help of a college professor – J. Matlock. Matlock, having lost his brother to drugs ,readily agrees to join and gets into the messy plot. He starts investigation on the campus & provokes suspicion. Then follows the killing of the govt. agent and abduction & torture of his girlfriend. This reinforces the Matlocks’ involvement into the case. The govt. bodies retracts their support & then the professor starts his odyssey to the root of the cause. The novel moves around with his odyssey around the states which finally leads him to the Real Nimrod.

As with any other novel of Ludlum(that I have read), the story starts languidly presenting a puzzle to be investigated. One third inside the novel the story picks up & leads you through heart-throbbing incidents, unraveling the mysteries and intricacies involved. The protagonist didn’t faced any moral or ethical dilemmas ;though being an amateur, was constantly put into reactive situations which he handled with some hardship.The ending was as not a revelation for me – thanks to the loads of movies I have watched. The climax went as I expected, killing out the chills of the moment. Well, its an old novel, I should have expected that.

If you are Ludlum fan, you must have read it. This one is from his earlier works of 70s. If you still haven’t then get it & take the thrill trip. Thriller fans it may not be worth as the climax must be as expected to you. Similar climax & plot has been part of thrillers for a long time now. You may feel disappointed at the end. So check it if you wish it. It’s a good one but part of history now.

Arigato 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Matlock Paper

    1. Did you forget college girls in UK opting for flesh trade voluntarily to keep up with the fashion and trend. The case was similar to that one.
      In the novel,the Institutes were in financial trouble so they started their own organization to protect them-self & degrade the student communities.

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