Why this post is called Post?

Because I wanted to publish a post today whatever it may be. There has been some time lag between the last post and this one.And the promise I made to myself about posting with a max. time difference of three days already lapsed. Thus I decided to write a post.

I was going to write a Book Review on ‘ Tales and Parables  of Sri Ramakrishna’. Since it deals with spiritual matters which shouldn’t be commented upon like any other book; Some people take it seriously , even I respect the individuals spirituality. So I decided against writing a review of this Book. If you have a taste for such parable packed papers then please take it up.

NOTE: readers are advised to not read further.
Post is over now.No need for comments or Likes plz.
Thank you

It seems this will be a rant-post. However, I will tell you why it’ll be a rant. I switched on my laptop and connected the MTS net dongle. The head was filled up with some thoughts on starry skies and shining individuals of village & cities. I even thought of posting one of the illustration I made. Alas! this m*****f**** crappy MTS net connect ruined it all for me. I had to reload the WordPress 6 times before it loaded completely. Even now when I am writing this post, I am not sure how many time I would have to refresh to add some pics to this post. Would it even get published with a single click ?

I understand that in India we have cheapest telecommunication cost to the customers. But I think we got the cheapest service providers or cheat(est) service providers. They tell me that this blinking dongle will give me at least 30kb/sec constant speed anywhere in India. Well, it seems it means – F**K you customer – I will pack the 5sec of your connection with 250kb/sec speed and then leave you with the snail pace of 0-10kb/sec for the rest of 55sec. Ohh you want to download something or stream something – well wait a sec, I will squeeze the pipes so much that you won’t get the download speed when watching a video and will put all your speed on upload side. Finally I will charge you with this skewed data parameters. Ohh! you are using a prepaid connection – No problem. I will make sure your speed pack ends fast and if any data in your plan is left I will flush it out, so that you recharge within 30day period.

The experience presented above is enraging to the user – He doesn’t any of your representative to call and disturb him. He doesn’t cares about your service. He has decided to just use it and throw it afterwards.(And pickup again – Ek hi hai yaaar, baaki ke post kaise karunga)

I will be going back to my studies, hoping that next time this works in fewer refreshes than 6. (Never buy these net dongles – worthless piece of electronics. Get a wired connection or a Wi-Fi router instead)


2 thoughts on “Post

  1. I was using reliance CDMA earlier, it was fine and I used it for some two years or so. Now I have micromax 3G dongle. The advantage is, we can use any sim card (any service provider) on this dongle and get 3G connection in our laptop. I think the model is 353G, now newer models might have come. Check the price in flipkart and use it with sim card that gives you best coverage in your area 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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