One of the reply I got when I asked about “What writing is for you?”

I basically write what I feel like writing.
For me, it’s to explore my emotions
And imaginative capacity and clubbing these two

Sometimes, it sets me free.
Sometimes, it binds me so much
That I’m compelled to write
Till my mind is exhausted
of ideas or energy

Written words have always been
My sole way of expression.
It keeps me sane.
It keeps me happy, ignorant, blissful, alive.

Writing also helps me
To really voice my opinion.
It always helps me to grow.

I write because I feel like it.
I’m not a fan of it neither a lover, 
For I write when I feel the need to
And not whenever I want to.

“I write
To stay strong, 

To become vulnerable,
To fly,
To stay grounded,
To reach out,
To become oblivion,
To love,
To hate,
When I desire..”

Got this reply on twitter by @DazedColours &
she blogs at http://snehaconfabs.wordpress.com/

So, I ask again here – “What writing is for you?”
(I have noted down every reply for the last post. I am thinking about some piece for them )

Arigato 🙂


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