Billions of Entrepreneurs

Billions Of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours

By Tarun Khanna

Rating: 3/5

This book was in my to-read list for almost 3 yrs. Finally, I bought it from Delhi Book Fair this year, along with two others. Good Investments on my part.

Tarun Khanna puts a compelling account of different, but still connected, pictures of two of the most populous countries of the world – China & India. Sidelining the conflict issues between the two nations, it portrayed how the ties & relations between these two nations is capable of changing the world for the better. The mainstream is filled with rivalry between the Dragon & the Elephant in the International arena.But this book puts forth anecdotes & stories exemplifying some of the success stories of co-operations between the two.

“Mutualism currently existing between China & India contains mutual cooperation, but also contains mutual tension”

The Book got a narrative touch filled with life-experiences & personal research of the author. It throws light on issues which are rarely taken notice of in mainstream debates. The book is divided into 3 parts- Foundations , Enterprise & Future.

First Part deals with the past. It deals with the traditional & cultural practices of statecraft in the two nations. How they transformed through the History.From pre-colonialist to colonial to after Independence eras & there respective changes in the society and economy.How Nehru took the line of socialism & how Mao’s cultural revolution changed the economic landscape. The Information accessibility in both the countries, the capability to build infrastructures & deal with financial arena are talked about in the next chapters.

“Whereas order, harmony & hierarchy have been constant goals of Chinese State, India has a proud tradition of pluralism,dissent & debate”

Enterprise section takes one through the ordeal & success of some leading firms. Presenting tales of IT industry of Infosys,TCL in India & the initial struggle of Chinese counterparts.Then the case of FDI was taken using examples of Microsoft fray into China & Metro’s retail in India. After that the importance of Diasporas of each nation(which are significant in no) was talked about. The attitudes of govt. towards their non-residents was mis-managed by India but taken advantage by the changed leadership of China after Mao. The last two parts deal with the decentralization of power to village levels & medical infrastructure availability.

The last section deals mainly with – IT, Cinema,Corporate. Thought the first chapter was given to situation in Burma/Myanmar. How the two nations are dealing with the given issues at present and how it may have the potential to change the world.

“Enlightened self interest need not be a zero-sum game -> This is the key to the resilient bridges between East & West”

It was an illuminating book for me, as I found myself ignorant of the system working in China. All the part about India,which was talked about, did have the same skeptical view- disappointing but hopeful.For me the knowledge about the China was most valuable take away from it. The examples provided in the book can be placed against the negative mutual-tension approach. I have observed that most of the stories of India & China are filled worth negativism and I understand the reasons. But sometimes I genuinely like to look at the positives and this book added them to my knowledge bank. The co-operation between the two giants can surely create innovative & cheap solutions for the whole world.(for example in health sector & agriculture).Also I noted down many examples & quotes from the book – some I skipped because of there length.

I am writing this review at a time when there has arisen. yet again, a tense situation between the two nations – about border crossing.But I will consider the positives also while being cautious of the negatives of escalating the tensions.

It was a good read. Take it up if you would like to get some unexplored angle of relations between the two nations.Or if you like reading the management books sprinkled with examples of success & failures.

Arigato 🙂

One thought on “Billions of Entrepreneurs

  1. I like the theme. The current tensions are just bargaining techniques used by the more fearful and more proactive China, while we wait and gradually let the protocol to take over… India and China have announced ‘joint military exercises’ in the backdrop of the ‘tensions’! I think I will read this book sometime…

    Destination Infinity

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