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Many complain that ads inform consumers more about the images and identities associated with products than about intrinsic physical features. We buy identities when we buy products. But what is wrong with this if identities are in fact what consumers want from products? As Katja points out, buying identities is probably greener than buying physical objects.

So why do so many say they hate ads if most accept ad influence and ads add socially-valuable info? One plausible reason is that ads expose our hypocrisies – to admit we like ads is to admit we care a lot about the kinds of things that ads tend to focus on, like sex appeal, and we’d rather think we care more about other things.

Another plausible reason is that we resent our core identities being formed via options offered by big greedy firms who care little for the ideals which we espouse. According to our still deeply-embedded forager sensibilities, identities are supposed to be formed via informal interactions between apparently equal associates who share basic values.

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After reading the complains of people about the ads, I looked for the Indian scenario.Here, the main target audience for the ads come from middle & upper class.So, Do they complain about them?
Looking at the current twitter streams (which by no means represents any considerable part of country) – the opinions about ads are coming forward.This trend is new in India -where general people, and not experts, are openly commenting about ads. Recently, the Frooti’s SRK ad & the IPL’s Jhumpin-Jhapang has taken on twitterati. The last best & most popular one was the Vodafone’s Zoo-Zoo ads.(They were amazingly creative & refreshing)

This post was not about those ads, It’s about the applicability of the above observations in India.Right now, I am not capable of doing any research on them, although – I have my power of observation as a substitute. (After all being an Indian allows me to be opinionated on every issue & being a human I can observe the behaviors)

# ‘ Buying identities being greener than buying the products’ – This is in our societal conditioning. We don’t buy a product for the utilitarian value it has, we value it for the eye-roles from our peers,relatives & neighbors.Indians are known for being cheap but also for the show-off. Women don’t simply buy Sarees they buy Pochampalli sari, Banarasi Silk. Family don’t buy cars they buy a NANO, a Honda City. Boys don’t buy inner wares, they buy chaddis with ‘Jockey’ written on its waist-line.

Q: Which movie you are coming from?
A: I went for ‘Ek Thi Dayan’ at Wave cinemas.
(Telling about Wave, PVR or MovieTime is important,very important)

# ‘ Ad influence and ads add socially-valuable info’ – can’t say how effective they are. Though, now-a-days I see used up condoms thrown on the roads.Probably condom ads are working. The ‘Tata- Tea – Jago Re’ effectiveness is doubtful.People are already restive because of all the scams coming up from every section of country.
On second thought – the Polio campaign did work successfully – India is Polio free now. 🙂

# ‘ Ads expose our hypocrisies ‘ – We Indians are already so hypocritical, I wonder how much ads expose it. We continue to make sexual ads & promote them by buying those products. And when some out-of-the-blue incident occurs like ‘RAPE’ – then we do point to ads as the culprit of moral degradation. Now-a-days even ads use this hypocrisies & prejudices of the society in their stereotyped ads.(Married woman is always the one washing the clothes you know)

# ‘…resent our core identities being formed via options offered by big greedy firms who care little for the ideals which we espouse’*Laughing over it*
I see core identities being transformed drastically by ads & people don’t even realize it.Everyone was criticizing IPL matches so much & it only took 2-3yr & now we are crazy about it.(We still do criticize it though – thanks to our hypocrisy).How about the perception of girls in western attire asking for men to approach them(& then have sex with them).And this perception is put forth by the greedy firms to degrade the society(again hypocrisy).
About this point – I have observed one peculiar & unique thing about Indians. If any ad relates to the spritual-religious-traditional topic of society, it will rarely have any effect on the society.It might backfire on the product itself. The cultural & traditional bonds are too tough for any visual-mass-media to break it. However, the economic behavior or fashion or societal activities are changeable to a great extent unless you expose the hypocrisy behind them.And once you expose that – ad is down the drain. We don’t want to face the mirror.

I can only go this far with the statements from the study.(Sorry for being lazy)

About my take on ads?
I love ads. They are the only thing I can watch on TV now-a-days. They are the product of creative & innovative ideas being used to change the audiences’ ideas & perception. They are the mind-manipulators. They use the input from the society & then change the society itself.They are the feedback loop for the stereotypes society is constantly creating. They are the mixture of many subjects/topics. They are the motors which is moving this whole consumption society ahead.They are the product of fusion of so diverse streams from art to culture to science to psychology to sociology. Ads are just amazing( I mean good ads).

Just thinking about the working of ads & there interaction with the society activates the gray-cells of the brain creating wonderful fireworks. I am also affected by them as everyone else & that makes it even more interesting.

Start being conscious about the effects of ads in your life. Ads are capable of changing societies.
Do tell me about your take on ads.

Arigato 🙂

P.S – If you don’t want to miss any ad or just love watching them. Check this blog –


2 thoughts on “Indian Ad Adda

  1. It’s been sometime since I watched any TV ad (or program), so can’t comment on them. The newspaper ads need to be more creative and catch the attention of the reader, than looking like a formality, is what I feel. Ads give a lot of brand value to products/companies. But the way a product/service is positioned, is very vital.

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