First You….Alice

I again missed my 3-day rule, nonetheless, I will post it today. I was making one illustration but left it in between, just like I do most of the times.Leaving it in mid-way. I acknowledge that it happens & one should keep moving on. Move on or die cribbing about it.

This post is in a way book review of two works. However, I will make it short because of the books in consideration. I read them on my mobile app.

The first one is –

First You PLz

By Nisha B. Thakur

Rating: 1.5/5

I got it free through a blog, as a take away.It is about an immature college girl -Avanti. She joins a college with her two best friends & falls in Love with  Akash. The story tells her struggle to make him say -‘ I Love You’ to her. That’s it. Enough said. Do you want to know more – just read it, merely 50pages long. Many girls could weave this type of college love story in minutes. And I being totally un-interested in such pop-story read it only to pass my time without putting my brains to it. Read it for that only – a light , easy, no-brainer short love story.

The second one –

Alice in Wonderland

By Lewis Carroll

Rating: 5/5(you think it needs rating)

Aah! Amazing! Fantastic! I am still appreciating the time I gave into this classic fairy tale. Fairy tale is not the right words for it – its a work of genius(of a mathematician) – a masterpiece. What it is based on?? Nothing. What it tells you?? Nothing meaningful or something eccentric. I don’t have any words for this books review.’ Awe’ – that’s what I am still feeling after reading it. I was saying to myself – ‘What freaking piece of creation I have just gone through!!! and it’s a fairy tale they say…* humph*’.

That’s the reason I want to go back to the original texts of the classics. They are worth it, not worth – they have to be read with there originality. Let them invoke inside you those feelings which no modern work can touch upon. I can surely say,by far ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is the best mind-insinuating book by I have ever read of a westerner. The under lying feeling is like the one you get when you read Indian Myths – ‘some part structured by rule and some part deviant to the extreme’.

If you haven’t read it – Please I beg you READ IT. It’s a fairy tale after all – it won’t take much of your time. Again my humble request – READ IT.
If request doesn’t works with you – I Order you – READ IT.

That would be all. (READ IT)




3 thoughts on “First You….Alice

  1. 50 pg story!?! These days so many books are published which have such mediocre or below average storyline/language… really puts you off!
    Alice in Wonderland is a classic… had read it long back… Reading such classics again is a great idea…

    1. Yeah!, I was doing some serious study that’s why went through ‘First You Plz’ to pass my time with ease.
      I did read parts of classics for marks in school 😛 – I am rediscovering them now.

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