A Mummified Rama [SHSF]

What is Cryonics?

Well, Cryonics means ‘Icy Cold’. It is the low-temperature preservation of humans and animals who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, with the hope that healing and resuscitation may be possible in the future.[for more info – link]

Doesn’t it sounds similar to the practices of ancient Egyptians,in other words, Mummification. The aim was the same for them, to re-incarnate the dead in the future, by some means unknown to them in that period. And here we are in 21st Century with modern & more sophisticated technology trying to achieve similar goals. Modern science made us a more rational being only to pursue earlier thought superstitious ideas in a scientific way. Wouldn’t you agree? Joseph Campbell seems to agree.(I think so)

“I would say that all our sciences are the material that has to be mythologized. A mythology gives spiritual import – what one might call rather the psychological, inward import, of the world of nature round about us, as understood today. There’s no real conflict between science and religion … What is in conflict is the science of 2000 BC … and the science of the 20th century AD.”
― Joseph Campbell

In the Indian context, many similar conflicts crop up due to our rich unexplained heritage & modern age science. Earlier I used to doubt every aspect of traditional culture. More of skeptical of it i.e. reasoning them out, trying to explain it using modern connotations. And day by day with each new report coming from science world – it looks authentic. Please don’t consider those  superstitions which are truly exploitative in character or deal with the psychological aspects of culture & society. I don’t know what more to add to it. I just wanted to make a point here – nothing else. Just like Campbell did.

On another line, although related with the new-age technology is the idea of virtual personalities. The idea of using ones’ online & social activity to create an ever present virtual avatar. Which can be programmed into some android in future. You get the idea. So, I was thinking why wait for someones social activity – why not use data from historical & mythological texts. Can’t we encode the ‘Bible‘ to create virtual persona of ‘Jesus’ or make alive ‘Rama’ or ‘Krishna’ from the great epics of ‘Ramayana’ & ‘Mahabharata’. With so much rich & diverse scriptures , we can have a whole virtual world of Gods & Demons. Then we can have the replay of epics in a virtual world or even get to see new epics getting formed. We don’t even need the god-men who profess of talking to God or preaches Gods’ teachings. I think this must have been already thought by someone .But as it can have heavy repercussion on the religious industry, it must have been suppressed.

Ancient Egyptians would have rejoiced by this technology. Their Pharaoh alive again talking to them from a screen – truly a Gods Work. And we Indians would have had our re-incarnation of ‘Kalki’ walking us to humanities doom.

A fascinating idea perhaps or just a fantasists’ imagination.


P.S – I think this can be one viable idea, that’s why i included it in SHSF (Stay Hungry Stay Foolish) series.


2 thoughts on “A Mummified Rama [SHSF]

  1. Your idea is fine if it can take into account the actualities. Most of the accounts of people that we know (either virtual or otherwise) is what has been told about them. We never come to know about the untold stories, unless they themselves tell it or someone writes about it. So, even if a mythological character is recreated based on the info available with us, it will, at best, be a very partial (.1%) reproduction of the actual personality that was.

    A technology like cloning can do what you want to achieve, provided some bodily material of the ancient people can be recovered. Maybe the Egyptians were right – Someday, their pharoh’s might be recreated? I am not looking forward to it, as it will lead to more chaos. Esp. because our people might want to recreate some deadly/destructive personalities as well…

    Destination Infinity

    1. Exactly that’s what I argue when these type of technological innovation comes in foray. The real personality never comes out and what we show is only fraction of it. Dreadful part is reanimation of dead persons – more dangerous than dead ideas.
      However, my idea was mainly focuses the virtual world recreation so that we can create new complexities with control over the avatars. If anything proves dangerous for physical world – it can be scrapped with a click.

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