It’s Superbug

It has been eons since ‘It‘ has been suspended into the upper atmosphere. Its’ many generations floundered there & still does so. However, now It has been feeling a sense of loneliness living between independent clones of It. So, it decided to head way to the surface & meet the other lost brethren in search of fame and adventure. After all, it has survived for so long when others around it perished with the environmental changes.

It crossed the moisture laden cold cloudy grounds to make its way for the settlement. It started feeling the increased heat & pressure as conditions changed drastically as it was reaching the surface. At its arrival, It was perplexed & astonished to find so complex & colorful structures around it. Some were even moving in unison with millions of different kinds working together with millions of others. All excited by the surroundings and eager to show its superiority it went near the immobile structures. But to its surprise they seemed to be deaf or sleeping – none responded. It then moved on to others but it looked none was letting it inside the structure, they’re busy doing their work.

“Hey man! You don’t look from here – what are you up-to  Why are you going to those imbecile ‘plantsiodes’. They are conservative & overprotective.” Came a voice from a group of misty looking skewed group.

Getting a chance to talk to someone ‘It’ replied to the mist, “I came from upper atmosphere to meet likes of me from here. What are you guys called? Who are your ancestors? Why does no one talks here?”

“We are flu virus and nobody of those huge structures will talk to a foreigner here. They see you as intruders & will kill you the instant you enter those structures. If you want a way in- stay with us, we all are heading to a host-body. There will be lots of nutrients there and we found its security easily breach able.”

Nowhere else to go & nobody else to talk to, It headed with them to the host-structure. They entered the huge organisation through special ducts which were sucking the air inside. From outside, the body looked nothing special – it was the inside which was the real marvel. The whole system was made from microbes of various kind and they all were symbiotically surviving, helping each-other. After looking around the space like a carnival they reached their destination. And as soon as they arrived there, the flu-viruses attacked the other inhabitants of the space. They poked inside their cell-wall distorting their internal structure and then taking their food source for themselves. After sometimes the distorted ones also mutated to flu-virus.

“What are you waiting for!! Dig-in and multiply while you can, they will soon send some anti-viruses to kill us”
“ But why are you doing it? Actually, what are you doing ?” asked It.
“You are really a foreigner!! We are the propagators of the anarchy. We pass our agenda to these healthy brain-washed cells and get food from it. They all turn to our form & finally all this marvel you are looking will collapse & die. And we’ll move to another one. Unless they bring in their security to counter us .”
“Why destroy this complex piece of beauty. There was plenty of nutrients outside – I have been living on them since eons. They do change with the environment but I can easily adapt to it. We have excelled in adopting & surviving harshest of the harshest condition and are at the pinnacle of the microbe world”
“That’s what happens when you go for excellence. Here we work by forming groups & try to do our work. And we have survived so far. Number is the power here – the more you are & the more you cooperate – the better your survival is. You see this host-body we are in – it is the result of cooperating numbers but they still are vulnerable to death, with time, like us.”
“I have developed ways to survive for eons. If I tell you how to do that you won’t need all the  numbers & co-operation…”

Getting annoyed by Its’ pontificating, flu picked one of the cell & injected it to Its’ body spike. First time in its life ‘It’ had a taste of such delightful nutrient. The taste of the cell got so engraved into Its’ body sensors that It started thrashing & infecting hoards of cells simultaneously. Flu-virus didn’t knew what it has unleashed upon the host-body. ‘It’ has developed a high level body structure which helped it to survive with bare minimum & with sudden infusion of nectar like cell nutrients, it has gone out of control. Within few hours the organised cells started to melt away which used to take weeks for flu-viruses.

After few more hours the host structure was at brink of death with millions of flu-virus & ‘It’ pro-genies contaminating it. Some of them headed for the next body. ‘It’ was taken by the greed for more & so its progeny split into many directions to try out new host-structures.

It found a human-body which was the most developed organization It had seen on the ground. But It didn’t stop to admire that & went awry there also. It found many others like him – TB viruses, HIV viruses etc. It took their help & camouflaged as them & went on feeding the body. Although, It was in for a surprise – this organization started putting in millions of powerful anti-viral bodies into the system. Many of Its flu friends got annihilated by them. ‘It’ – out of curiosity – infected them also & it came to know that they are much better form to mutate into. ‘It’ took to different forms with each incoming wave of anti-bodies.

While ‘It’ was going on with its feast – it was suddenly sucked out of the system. It found itself stuck into a liquid environment. The human-organization has isolated ‘It’. Then followed the multiple attacks of anti-bodies on ‘It’. As ‘It’ has become hungry because of non-availability of nutrients for hours – it started devouring each wave after wave.
The humans were perplexed by this peculiar behavior of ‘It’. It was resistant to all the anti-bodies known to the humans.

Thus, ‘It’ came to be known as the ‘Superbug’ – a name befitting to Its traits.


P.S – part tell-a-tale series. I was reading about the super-bug, so decided to have a story over it. I mixed it with curiosity & innovation concept, search of excellence with different organisation structures. But decided this much was enough. 😛



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