Where the Signal Turns Red

Again a short book review. 😛

Where the Signal Turns Red

By Jayanand Ukey

Generally I don’t read fiction unless someone recommended it to me. Since, I was little bored from my preparations I read through this short pop-novel. It was the first published work of Jayanand Ukey, who is from IT field – so congratz for that. I would refrain from rating it here as it was his first work, so obviously it would lack in depth & quality. Though I will encourage him to write his next work and further improve it next time.

The story involves struggle of two lovers who are trying to save their engagement. Due to some miss-happening at Prajaktas’ home, Girish, her lover from college has to change his career & matrimonial plans. He has to approach to her father from Army to ask her hand & convince his family for that. After that done, their life looking perfect – the global ordeal of recession again puts a ‘Red Signal’ to their engagements. The engagement gets broken & some other guy enters the scene through Prajaktas’ fathers’ friendly ties. And with a quick & bizzare ending the Red Signal turn Green.And as always – Happy Endings like Bollywood.

The novel is one of the growing breed of light Chetan Bhagat type pop- novel. So don’t expect any verbose form of language though the narrative is smooth. If one is from a normal open-minded middle class family, the situation & events(except the ending) can be easily connected to. One can easily get the real life resemblance of the character. The way things happen leaving aside the endings are believable.

However, if you were expecting something out of ordinary(average) , anything touching or emotional – you are in for disappointment. The novel lacks in many expects not only from the perspective of language or plot but also story-telling. I was able to figure out how it will go with 30 pages in. Jayanand has to improve heavily, if he has to present his second novel(please do so). After reading it, I recalled that one time me & my friends synthesized similar plot in just 5 min while teasing a guy. Nevertheless, if you like reading such short & heart-warming love stories then go for it. As it was not of my taste & didn’t reached up to my expectations – I say OK OK.(only thing was- it felt a little fresh)


P.S – I have rated it on goodreads though.


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