Pocket Diary – 11

Preparing for an exam has its daunting & exhausting spell on you – even if you think that you are not studying enough. I decided that I will blog with gaps of at max 3 days and I am trying. Yesterday night, I opened the WordPress editor & typed down the basic ideas about the post but wasn’t able to arrange them in a coherent form. So I chose to break the lull by posting somethings from my Pocket Diary.

Plutarch ” The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting “.

A message to all those Indian teachers & parents who forgot how to kindle the minds of the children instead took the way of hoarding it with their tested but stale thoughts. To all who are from my generation – you have the luxury of peace & availability of resources, so don’t spoil your kids head by dumping all the worlds shit there – let them taste the ‘knowledge fruit’ at their own ease & taste.

Durant ” The Present is the past rolled up for action, and the past or the present unrolled for understanding “.

Read it. Read it twice if you want. I know you’ll get it.

Henry Sidwick ” One has to kill a few of one’s natural selves to let the rest grow- a very painful slaughter of innocents “.

Reality won’t let you keep the innocence protected. Embrace it & accept some ego-bloodshed in the process of personal change.

” Is reality  chaos or just too complex ? “

Totally my thought ( You may find something similar in some psychologists’ work). Don’t you sometimes think – one can never know whether it’s chaos or complexity which is restricting the ways to decipher the reality.

” Empowerment comes with the ability to critically reflect on one’s own life & to express discontent with the state of things prior to forging a mechanism to change them “.

I don’t remember from where I got this from, probably newspaper.The ‘forging a mechanism to change them’ is the vital on here – without that the Empowerment is incomplete.

Kipling ” If you can dream – and not make dream your master.
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim.
If you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same “.

I got to read more of Kipling. Added him to my book list.

” Lack of means has with time metamorphosed into lack of venture into something new “.

In other words(psychology), ‘Learned Helplessness‘ – one of the prime reasons for lack of initiatives in India not only rural but also urban, political, religious & bureaucratic. The lack of means might not be the present reality but I think the similar perception has made the system lethargic & sort of helpless. Fresh oiling is needed which comes from a new age blood… 😉

That would be all for this post. Next post will surely be within 3 days.(Promise to self).

Aarigato 🙂


One thought on “Pocket Diary – 11

  1. “If you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same” – Now that quote piques my interest in Rudyard Kipling as well. It’s a gem of a quote – Need to read his book.

    Destination Infinity

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