I Didnt

I didnt wrote anything(not even on paper) for around 2weeks.I decided that i would blog on weekends.Alas!! I didn’t, instead i became sort of once a month blogger. :-(.
I look at my blogpost streak in few of the last months of 2012, they went fantastic.Today, I thought what should i write. Thought process is not clear; unable to structure them into any meaningfull para;fizzling out motivation;losing the personal incentive to write.Well, I can’t or won’t rant about anything which comes to my mind.That’s the problem inherent in such situations where you want to say/write so much that you lose, doing nothing.
Hmmm…should i write what i would do the next few weeks or what i am sure i will do. Later looks better.
World book fair at Pragati Maidan,NewDelhi – book fairs are like shopping mall to me because i would buy books & gadgets only, leaving other things to be decided by family & freinds.Books are dope for me.
Read Read Read- not the books from the fair but the ones which are stacked on my table for coming year UPSC exam.
Watch few movies- well, when you are living alone in a room,without tv or such, you have to have some sort of entertainment.(or you’ll go psychotic)
I think that’s all i am sure about.For them i can say I DiD.Others are only wishful plans (which I may do or do not).


P.S- the text alignment may be screwed or there will be spelling mistakes as i am writing from mobile app. :pAlso no pics for same reasons.


2 thoughts on “I Didnt

  1. When I started blogging, I kept up with a schedule – 1 post per week (mostly). But as I started writing more, I wrote whenever I wanted to convey something. These days, I am surprised that I write more than one post per week, quite consistently! All the best for your UPSC exams 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thanks 🙂 I need some quiet time alone to write something so cant go on writing if sonthing comes up in my mind.I do write it in some paper though.

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