Break Point

From this month onwards, there will be long breakpoints in blogging. :/ *sigh*

I have shifted to Delhi for this year UPSC exam preparation.So, I won’t have any access to consistent net connection or laptop.As it happened last year, I will try to post on this blog if I can.I have still so many things to write about, however, they are lurking inside my mind or are waiting on the Draft list.

Nothing is coming to my head that I can put down on this post.It is preoccupied with the shifts I have to make in my daily routine.I am looking for a place to shift soon & start my studies ASAP. Hopefully, I will be there by next week.

I need peace to write something.My brain is concerned with nitty-gritty stuff for now.

I will write later.*empty mind* (Or all the thoughts are clashing in between annihilating them in process – crowded out by one another just like Crabs in a bucket)

This post was to inform that I will be on the Weekend Blogger Schedule for a while.(Just like last year).


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