#amwriting uptill now

I started this personal illustration project based on tag #amwriting.Check here.

I made around 6 illustration by far.Because of all the year end festivities I was not able to continue that.And *sigh* I will not be able to continue making that.
Reason being that I am going to Delhi on 12th for studies (hopefully) & would not have my laptop with me. šŸ˜¦ (I will blog though).

So, I thought why not tell you how many #amwriting ideas I got from all of you & some by myself.


Writing My Story
Writing My Passion

Writing To Discover
Writing My Love
Writing On Paper
Writing My Book
Writing Is Job
Writing My Blog
Writing My Thoughts
Writing To Escape
Writing To Be Me
Writing Is Magic
Writing Bleeding My Heart Out
Writing My Mind
Writing Anonymously
Writing For Happiness
Writing To Be Happy
Writing Is Freedom
Writing To Clear Head
Writing To Contribute
Writing To Move Hearts

Okay, so I got 21 ideas by far.And as I am so lagging in creating them…I will be busy enough with them.
Still If you have any more Ideas – Do tell me. & #keepwriting šŸ™‚



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