It’s 6th…

It is 6th Jan 2013…I know you know that.
I just wanted to write a post.It has been some time since I wrote anything excluding the book reviews.

So what should I write about!!
There has been so many events happening around in India & not happening also.Today, Indian Team is losing the last one day match of the tri-series to Pakistan but sports is not my cup of tea.Happy Watching though…may the gladiators entertain you & make your cathartic release plausible.
Already so much has been said & written about the Rapes & the decaying Indian public system.I would also refrain from adding to it.I am already influenced by many articles & speeches- so I will only be reiterating them.

I won’t write about any recent public events as just thinking about them sends me into a sullen dark environment.And I will leave it half-way & get frustrated by them.(Moreover, only few subjects are spread all over the news-cape nowadays- nothing much to comment about.I mean nothing that I would like to)

I will be ranting about what ever comes in my mind.

Falling Up


This image is some concept-art I was thinking of – saying “Falling Up”. Too many of people have fell down.How about Falling Up.

My New Year was spent at Hyderabad with my mother & brother.Nothing sort of celebration, its more of a family time.No party or such – only family.I returned back to kolkata yesterday only.I played LoL alot there – actually my whole days were spent that playing it – *pathetic*.No No.I also finished 1Q84(it review). I also started reading Shashi Tharoor’s – The Great Indian Novel.It was so repulsive for me to continue reading it that I dumped it in between.Too bad for a novel – I thought I was reading the great Mahabharat Epic(hands down) but then it was mixed with Indian Freedom Movement( I hate history but respect the efforts of the great men of India).In my opinion, mixing those two sacramental events is a crime. Though, Shashi Ji is a Congress-man so  I presumed it would be a colored perspective.Stopped reading it.*thumbs down*

In few days, I will be leaving for Delhi(if my wait-listed ticket gets confirmed).UPSC exam preparation has started again.So all my virtual activities will be coming to a low – like weekly or fortnightly.Well, we will see to it later when I get there.I have got 2-3 books & 5-6 magazines which I have to complete within this month period.*studies…studies…more studies*(a students hell)

Ahh! 16 drafts – I am going through these draft posts but can not recall the complete idea.The thoughts have vanished or have huge holes in it.Hmm…I will give them time to transform into something new or complete themselves.But I will complete them.*promise to myself*.

#amwriting series – I didn’t wanted to leave it in between.It was moving good & I did made 6-7 of them.From a blog community, I have around 8-9 more ideas about the series.But I don’t have enough time to finish them or even conceptualize them into an Image.However, I am not leaving it so easily.I am  going to continue it even if it takes months.I am going to continue it.If you have given me your perspective on ” What Writing is to you?” – don’t worry I will make them – I will.*promise to you*

I will get some drawing note book in Delhi this time & practice my drawing skills.I have to polish it – after all its part of my dream.(We’ll see when I get there).And I have to get fluent in Spanish, procrastination is the reason for that.I open that page & start wasting my time.

Thinking of changing the theme of this blog.I will browse through them.Not much satisfied with the present one..:/

I have to write more often & think also…my minds keeping dull for a while.
Hello! my muse where are you.Come here I want to have some conversation with you.Feeling bored.(or just procrastinating)

Feeling too sleepy after a heavy meal.This much ranting is enough for now.Also, nothing else is coming to me now.Winters are so dull – View outside my window is ghastly – going to doze off.



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